Phil Harrison discusses new Xbox, PS4

Phil Harrison, former head of Sony Worldwide Studios, has offered his thoughts on the next generation of consoles - and foresees a business model that breaks away from the one that's served the industry for the past 30 years.

Speaking at this week's Develop in Brighton, Harrison saw consoles moving towards a service-based model over the retail one that's previously defined the industry.

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Inside_out2435d ago

He's not telling any secrets...every body should know this by now.

It's all about the cloud now and that is definitely the future.

Gunshot2435d ago

I have to agree with, the cloud is where its at these days.

theonlylolking2435d ago

When the cloud servers fail and your data is lost on what you have bought how are you going to like cloud then?

The more people start using cloud the more server stress there WILL be and a higher chance of server failure, data loss, hacks etc... Physical will ALWAYS be better than digital and especially cloud.

The future is not cloud. Cloud will play a big part in the future but we should NEVER just use the cloud.

Like UlF said in his comment"Streaming sucks". He is absolutely correct. At this rate the US will take 5+ yrs to get internet speeds fast enough to do good streaming for todays stuff. In the future more data will be required and the US is going farrr to slow at this rate to keep up.

If you lived in korea then streaming is perfectly fine.

kreate2435d ago

the korean internet is too fast for me. the screen finishes loading to the next screen before my index finger comes off the mouse o_0;;

of course many of u havnt experienced it unless u went there to teach english or something.

NAGNEWS2435d ago

working for sony again? last i heard he was working with Atari

xer02435d ago

Not much meat in this article... just bones.

While I agree that cloud based services will become increasingly mainstream... they will need to provide retail services for the next 10-20 years.

Their are parts in North America and Europe with crappy or no internet service.

What are you going to do? Exclude them from buying into your service? NOPE - they have to provide people with a choice... for now.

SoapShoes2435d ago

Cloud being mainstream? Maybe once the U.S. gets a better infrastructure. A good 1/3rd of the population has no access to high speed internet(or good highspeed) due to the fact that the phone/cable companies are too cheap to offer it outside of cities.

tiffac2435d ago

If the US is like that then image our situation here in Asia. lol!

Retail won't die as most so-called experts think. Not yet.

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jerethdagryphon2435d ago

if it is im not interested ill close the door on 20+ years of gaming when all im going is renting software

catguykyou2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

next gen will be a hybrid of physical and digital content. Every game you can buy physically in the store, you'll be able to buy through digital distribution. Gen after next will be all digital. Really, if you buy mp3's for your mp3 player instead of cd's you'll buy dd games. No difference.

Boody-Bandit2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Bad analogy.
With MP3's you can buy individual songs and music CD's area fraction of the cost of new games. Most people trade or sell their games once they have lost interest. There is no money in DD only. Once you purchase the game, you're stuck with it permanently.

This wont float with the majority of gamers and I don't see people wanting to wait long lengths of times to download the latest and greatest games.

Personally I like owning physical media and having the option to sell or trade what I paid my hard earned coin for. Besides, Comcast, Verizon, and other various broadband providers will cap bandwidth. In some areas they have already done so. I have received emails from Comcast warning me about my usage. Most infrastructures cant support this, especially in the U.S.

Besides, lets not forget the 800lb Gorilla in the room. There are still millions of people that game in areas where the only internet they have is still through dial up connections.

If they were eventually to go full DD it would be compressed to hell. What's the point of having nice gear (1080p displays, 5.1 or higher with high performance bit audio, etc) if it's all going to be compressed? Any HT nut will tell you there is a significant difference between compressed and uncompressed. Especially on the audio end.

catguykyou2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

While what you are saying is an issue now, have the option for dd for every game released on top of physical copies hurts no one. Also, you talk about the issues with DD today. I said the gen after this gen. Assuming new consoles aren't out until 2013, this means that the DD only consoles wouldn't be out till close to 2020. Can you really say that today's limitations would still be an issue in years?
I we all chose not to progress with the planning of tech because of limitations that are in place today, then we would never progress forward.
To your point though. From your perspective and preference, this would be bad. From console makers perspectives, the Music and Movie industry is the best test market for these things. It's already happened with music. It's happening very quickly with movies. Even PC has primarily turned into a DD only system. From their perspective, the majority of consumers will be OK with this. The ones who aren't will either stop playing games (yeah right) or change with the times. I bet you buy arcade and PSN games. This is a step in the DD direction.

There are benefits to DD. Higher revenue for developers which keeps them making games we all love. Helps them rationalize taking bigger risks for games too because they are making more money per sold copy. While I don't see it happening, it could be an argument for lower prices for games. Never having to get up to change disks for a new game you want to play. Also, as with steam and other DD on the PC, you could have the game already downloaded before it comes out. The day its released, you download a small key that takes a second that unlocks the game for you. This illuminates the long download time because it's all happening before you can even access the game.

There are solutions to your problems. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean the industry isn't heading in that direction.

Boody-Bandit2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

It's not a matter of my not liking it. It's a matter of reality. The U.S. knows that a better infrastructure is needed but we wont have the ability to even start working on it until 2020 and that is "IF" we can rebound from the current world economy issues.

That is a big if considering just how bad things really are right now. It's 2011. I highly doubt that new infrastructure will even be under way until near the end of the generation you are talking about. It's reality, not personal preference. We are a good 10 to 20 years away from having the kind of infrastructure other countries already have.

catguykyou2435d ago

I'm not saying we'll be streaming games. The networks that are already in place are more than good enough for what is needed to provide digital downloads. If you have internet that is fast enough to play on line, you have fast enough internet to download a game. I mean, there isn't a standard that says you have to download a game in a certain speed or it wont work.
Also, like I pointed out, we are talking 9-10 years in the future. How fast was your internet -10 years ago? Do you really not expect to see a difference in speed? If you don't, then there is nothing to even discuss. You've made up your mind. The real proof will be when said consoles are announced. I think only one of us in this convo has any real connection with the gaming industry anyways. Not like I'm talking out my ass here.

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DNAbro2435d ago

Well as for streaming games, i can see in the future all consoles will be able to do this.

Ridrick2435d ago

I agree, cloud seems great in theory, but the world isn't anywhere near with internet now to make cloud gaming a successful product and pay back for expensive software development.

Too much copper, need fibre-optics as a standard.

Hope it's not going to be long...

Thecraft19892435d ago

Money will not fall out of the sky. Getting fiber as standard as copper will take 30+ years to reach large % of people putting countless of money into the gaming industry.

BT virgin small world in the UK have no interest in fibering small towns unless the government give them aid.

Now this just England new Zealand Australia both massive sources of profit for the gaming industry have some of poorest internet contentions in the world. Even America ranks low on stats having on average 5.5 meg connection.

Ulf2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I will stop gaming if my only option is to play via streaming, and I have been PC and console gaming for nearly 30 years.

Streaming sucks. Really badly. There are way better options, and that's exactly where I'll take myself, and my wallet.

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