The Ten Most Inspiring Gaming Locations

Want to live in Cyrodiil or steal helicopters on Panau? Yeah, us too. We round up our favourite places in gaming.

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Bojeeva1746d ago

Am loving Panau right now. Just dusted off the game and been absolutely hooked (geddit?!) for the last few weeks. Stop blowing stuff up and it's a beautiful place - and absolutley vast!!! Definitely deserves to be on the list

Imikida1745d ago

Ya panau is amazing place, not just because its huge, but also because its so beautiful and theres so many different enviroments in it.

Bojeeva1746d ago

And what about the hills in Flower too?

MintBerryCrunch1745d ago

if you liked the setting of Flower, just wait until Journey, game looks fresh and very different just like Flower

also looking forward to Bioshock: Infinite, lets see if Rapture can be one upped by the air-city of Columbia

Ibwib1746d ago

Yeah, Flower's pretty, but it felt like backdrop to me.

BinaryMind1745d ago

Good list... for a ten year-old. How about some games from the previous generations which are far better than most everything in recent years.