LA Noire's cut Burglary desk 'would never fit on one Blu-ray'

Team Bondi's revealed details of LA Noire's cut Bunko and Burglary desk, which it says was almost complete.

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Convas2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Wow ... a two disc Blu-Ray game would've been quite different. Would also mean that the Xbox 360 version would be 6 discs or something like that.

No es bueno :(

Edit: Yeah, as the comments in the CVG side are saying, two Bluray discs would be grossly wasteful. 25GBs was enough to offer me about 22 hours for a playthrough. Surely the other 11 cases would've had to be at least two hours long EACH with a hell of a lot of content to exceed the 50GB limit of the Blu-ray.

TurismoGTR2495d ago

If MGS4 could fit on 1 Blu Ray disc... Im sure L.A Noire would fit

Gunshot2495d ago

That would make the most sense.

norman292495d ago

There probably talking 25gb disks, i dont think they got the memo about the dual layer 50gb disk

fr0sty2495d ago

If not, Sony could break out those 8 layer 200gb discs they have in the labs (TDK has one also), which are still playable on PS3 with a FW update.

Focker4202495d ago

If they used the 50 GB blu-ray disc then they could have easily fit it on there.

FarEastOrient2495d ago

Pioneer makes 100GB and 200GB BD, just use one of those

X-Zone2495d ago

It may have been 1 disc but it used both layers.

cliffbo2495d ago Show
iXenon2495d ago

The advanced facial animations probably take up a lot of space.

theonlylolking2495d ago

He also says never would fit on one blu-ray. Well there are blu-ray discs that hold 100gb of space so he is wrong.

LoydX-mas2495d ago

@frosty and FarEast^^^^

Even the mighty PS3 cannot play more than the 50gig Blu-ray. Sorry, it would need a new laser to read the 4-layer discs.

Skip_Bayless2495d ago

Provided LA Noire was even good I'd be interested in playing it.

IcarusOne2495d ago

I think turismo's forgetting that the facial capture at work in LA Noire is very memory-intensive. MGS4 had no facial capture.

evrfighter2494d ago

holy lulz look at all these people offended by that statement.

that's kinda sad

Imikida2494d ago

I think the only reason it takes up so much is because of the facial anamations, with out them they would of probably been able to fit those cases in like nothing

Legion2494d ago

@iXenon,IcarusOne and Imikida

Just to give you a little more information. Though the facial animation capture is intensive when recording and during developement, the actual animations in the game don't require any more memory then normal as it is generated differently then when doing the capture itself.

pixelsword2494d ago

Here's the thing that gets me:

Devs are sometimes saying "Blu-Ray cant's handa mah' game" (25Gb) yet that same complete mysteriously fits on two DVDs every time (I don't know the size... like 5Gb per disc?)

like that last third of the game is suddenly 400 gigs.

lil Titan2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

the can just update the PS3 to be compatible with the 50gb and above blu-ray disc, the article should have said that that game wouldnt have fit on a 25gb or 50gb blu-ray disc

badz1492494d ago

>50GB game? doubt it!

would never fit or would never "PRO"fit? I guess the later!

RedDragan2494d ago

Somebody up from this comment provided a link from a playstation fan site that claims the PS3 would need a new laser to read more than 4 layers....

This is completely incorrect.

Many Technology sites (which are far more trustworthy) state that early blu-ray technology, including that used in the PS3, is capable of reading from 16 layers and thus can be updated to read a 400GB Pioneer BD. The secret is in the tiny width of the laser.

A new laser, as known thus far and subject to change, would only be needed for the 24 layer BD's. Before that is was a case of a new laser at 12 layers, so by seeing that being blown out of the water don't be too suprised to see the 24 layer disc's being compatible sometime soonish, if not already.

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KingME2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

@Norman29 (Above)

Oh they got the memo, you're the one not seeing the added cost of using 50GB BDs and the fact that you want them to use those but not charge you any additional money.

Focker4202495d ago

Not really an excuse considering God of War 3 used these 50 GB discs, and charged us the same as any other game.

skrug2495d ago

it also cost more to have 2/3/4 dvds for 360

Why o why2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

yep. I didnt pay any more for my gow 3 than i did dantes inferno. We KNOW about the extra charge for extra dvd's as its been well documented.

Not sure whether to believe these guys because they wont be complaining about the extra revenue gained by selling this. Its a possibility it could of fit as 50gb is/was guessing its not exclusive to first parties. Maybe we'll never know but lets see what the file size is

KingME2495d ago

To each his own, but you really can't even compare BD cost to DVD

Here is an example:

Sony Blu-ray Disc 10 Pack - 50GB 4x Speed BD-R DL Version 2010 - 92.95

Sony 25DPR85RS1 DVD+R Double Layer (25-Pack Spindle) - 23.98

Not saying that cost is the definite reason, but it does have to be considered. And to compare one company doing it with another is just silly. That's like saying since one person gave 100 to charity that all people should regardless of their income.

ABizzel12495d ago

At the end of the day it has nothing to do with cost since every PS3 game must come out on a Blu-ray disc.

This has everything to do with the fact that:

1) If they added this on the disc they would have to use a 50GB Blu Ray which as stated has been used on many games. That itself is not the problem it's paying to use 2 more disc to store the game on (according to previous data the first 2 disc are free, but after that there's a fee per extra disc). No one wants to pay more.

2) Why pay for it all to fit on multiple disc for the 360 when you can sell it as DLC and make money. That's just business, Dirty business in the consumer mind, but that's how it is.

kneon2495d ago


You can't compare the retail price of recordable Bluray to the cost of publishing movies or games on bluray, it's vastly different.

The difference in cost between DVD or Bluray is now minimal. The media cost is a small part of the total.

Legion2494d ago


You are correct the difference in price of commercial versus retail is much different. But in saying that you will still spend near 10x your materials budget on a Bluray disk versus production on a DVD9.

Similar to how aviation companies are not offering peanuts and snacks anymore on flights to cut costs. It is relatively cheap to buy peanuts especially at bulk. But when dealing with the quantity of peanuts they are saving money with the cost.

Same with the DVD9 versus Bluray. though the price is relatively small for both when purchasing in bulk, the difference in price is huge when dealing with the material budget.

I am not agreeing with anyone here on their either DVD9 or Bluray... just clarifying that small costs add up and are a major factor when distributing.

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Christopher2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Actually, it would have if they had compressed the audio to 7.1. The thing is that they left all audio uncompressed, that's the only reason they wouldn't fit.

It's already compressed to 5.1 on DVD, see no reason why they wouldn't compress to 7.1 on BD as well to make the necessary room.

Ares842495d ago

I think it would easily fit onto one blu-ray disk. This is BS I'm pretty sure.

Just a fun fact: Bunko in Hungary means: Someone without any manners. It's a curse word. So nice going there with the title....all of Hungary will laugh their asses off, just like I did now.

Fanbot2495d ago

someone forgot the dual layer 50GB BD.

Godmars2902495d ago

More than a bit sure that there are 50GB Blu-rays out there and that the PS3 can play them.

Its the 100GB+ that will have to wait for the PS4...

kneon2495d ago

I thought the PS3 could read the 66gb disks as well. The 100gb+ disks require different hardware though so as you say it will be the PS4 before we see those.

The 128GB BDXL spec was finalized about a year ago so I expect that's the minimum we can expect on the PS4.

Dark_king2495d ago

@kneon actually it been shown they PS3 can run the eight layer 200 gig disc with just a firmware update.

Godmars2902495d ago

The PS3's limit is 50GB. The 200GB was the initial limit of the tech as other drive formats were talking about 1TB. So the PS3 can't use the new 66GB disc.

The only thing I'm not sure about is weather or not it can use the new 1TB 2.5" HDD.

kneon2495d ago


The 66Gb format can be supported with a firmware upgrade, anything more is a hardware change, I just don't know if they've implemented on the PS3.

As for your 1tb drive I think the only limitation is the physical size. All the 1tb drives I've seen so far are slightly thicker than standard laptop drives. You may be able to cram it in there but I wouldn't try that myself.

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Bull5hifT2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I Read Somewhere the Ps3 is capable of reading 300 GB BluRay Disk, with a firmware update, 6.5GB divided by 54Gb x 2= 360 disk It would take for this

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jneul2494d ago

im sure they created a dual layer BD that stores 50GB or something, no need for two blurays as for dvd lol look forward to a stack of dvd's :-D

subtenko2494d ago

If a game was ever so big all they have to do is start using the larger blu-ray disc. They have made larger ones...and add to the fact you can double it on both sides of the disc so it wouldnt be a problem.

Agree of Disagree if you Agree

tbergen12492d ago

I remember back in the day there was a game called Lost Odyssey...That game needed 4 discs and it was a pain in the ass....

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MrSpace2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )


They even said themselfs, round about the time it went MP, that they had to cut this desk job and a load of cases from blu ray because they had to cut the 360s versions discs from 6 to 3. They never mentioned then it was on two Blu ray...just the one.

Now there saying it wouldn't fit....

Yeah ok then

YodaCracker2495d ago

I have definitely heard this before that the cut content would not have fit on one Blu-Ray disc. It is not something brand new they are just saying now.

ian722495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

IMO its because its multi-platform and would need around 6 or so DVD's for XBOX360. If it was PS3 only then all the content would fit on a Dual-layer Blu-ray disc.
Also this way they can make more money by selling the extra content as DLC. That's the way things seem to be going nowadays, cutting content to make more money selling DLC. If it wasn't then they would give DLC for free, which could have happened in this case, if the content was mean't to be on disc, but wouldn't fit.

Peaceful_Jelly2495d ago

who are they trying to kid? I mean, they can't fit everything on a 50GB disc? Yeah right...

Droid Control2495d ago

Just a question:

Will Blu-Ray be enough for the PS4/720 or do you think Sony will release another disc format?

Robearboy2495d ago

They gonna use a dylithium crystal next gen

MrDead2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Pioneer has that covered, blu-ray can give a lot more

HelghastKid2495d ago

considering the fact we have only had about two games that have filled a bluray disc, i think we will be alright. No one seems to be really using the space that the disc provides

YodaCracker2495d ago

True. This new MotionScan technology is what takes up all the space.

bebojet2495d ago

The real question is will M$ add Blue Ray to their new console?

kreate2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

thats not happening. microsoft literally said. 'if u want blu ray. go buy a ps3'

im sure MS has other plans thats going to surprise us.

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WhiteLightning2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I honestly think they are just lying because they want to justify the price point of the Burglary desk case when it comes out. Since it was on the Blu Ray disc anyway before it was cut they don't want to see people say things like "How come PS3 users how to pay for something that was already on the disc to begin with"