IGN - What Metroid Did for Women in Gaming

Audrey Drake of IGN writes: Kicking ass, taking names, and redefining how an entire medium views women -- all in a day's work for Samus Aran.

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ZoidsRaven2553d ago

Seeing how Morgan Webb reviewed Other M, you'd figure it set women's rights back 50 years. : /

The Matrix2553d ago

Was just going to say something like this lol.

Ducky2553d ago

... only game that changed my perception of women was NOLF.

Alos882553d ago

... and then Other M turned Samus into a weak willed, whimpering little girl with daddy issues.
**** you Team Ninja, **** you.

Kos-Mos2553d ago

Do you like morgan webb, or do you not understand that humans have feelings? Played too much gears lately perhaps? Hmm? Hmm?

Alos882553d ago

Does every woman in fiction have to be "vulnerable" to you? Hmm? Hmm?

jacksonmichael2553d ago

Interesting point... I like it, if only because I hate Morgan Webb.

live2play2553d ago

does every wonam in fiction have to be master chief with boobs to you hmm? hmm?

courage is not the absence of fear, but the presence of fear and still keep on going

the game didnt end when she cried... she kept on going

Kos-Mos2553d ago

Being human instead of a false robot. Being vulnerable is human.
I like people that understands humans. Not some random teen or person with teen mentality that get turned on by watching false human nature.

Alos882553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

See, what I don't get is why men are allowed to be stone cold badasses, but when women do the same they have to have a sensitive side; that's bullshit. I know women who could kick both our asses ten times before breakfast, and they wouldn't shed a tear at the end of the world.
Everyone that disagreed with me is a fucking tool btw.

ZoidsRaven2553d ago

Team Ninja obviously based Other M Samus on how she was in the manga.
FYI Samus has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, it makes sense that she would sound the way she does in Other M.

"Does every woman in fiction have to be "vulnerable" to you? Hmm? Hmm?"

Kos-Mos implied no such thing. You're just letting your anger runaway with you.
And Samus was vulnerable even before Other M, remember how her life was saved by the Metroid?
[email protected]$$ doesn't always = cold hearted bee-on-my-watch.
Male or female, emotion doesn't mean weakness. 7_7

CrescentFang2553d ago

I believe Sakamoto and his team did the story, but anyways articles like these make it look like this issue is bigger than it is... just stop bringing up this women stuff, only then is it a problem...

creatchee2553d ago

I can't say that the original did as much as people would like to believe because not everyone who played it actually beat it and found out that it was a woman. Back in the day, when passwords and non-continuable games were the norm, I'd say that most games went unbeaten.

Metroid's ending is a double edged sword though, because the impact of the big reveal would have never existed if you knew from the get-go that Samus was a girl, but the empowerment to women only comes from said reveal.

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