Next generation isn't needed just yet, says far Cry dev

Developers are yet to reach to point where next generation consoles are needed, James Keen, lead game designer on Far Cry 3, has told

"I'm not quite sure that we're there yet," said Keen at Ubisoft's summer showcase last week.

"I think there is still more to be had out of them, definitely. And I think the visual fidelity you do get out of consoles now, it's still really good. We're still pushing the boundaries [with Far Cry 3 on console]."

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Inside_out2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

...that it is needed...o_0...I wish these Ubi guys would get together and get their stories straight. =(

Many devs already have next gen engines but have to conform to certain standards in order for the masses to be able to play their games. They could of course pull a EA-Dice and just show their game running with CGI like fidelity and lied to everybody, knowing very few, if any gamers will experience the game that way BUT that would not be right, now would it. ;D

LOGICWINS2501d ago

"But Ubisoft said...
...that it is needed...o_0...I wish these Ubi guys would get together and get their stories straight. =(" realize that not all people who work for Ubisoft have to have the same opinions right?

Rush2501d ago

The great thing about an opinion is, it is allowed to exist even inside cooperation's like Ubisoft.

And as there's no such thing as factual evidence, of when the next consoles should be released it's all down to opinions.

jacksheen00002501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Well By judging how well the NEXT gen games looks and play...I would say..they finally broke some new grounds here.For example: Gears of wars 1-2 looks nothing like GOW3;
Uncharted 1-2 looks nothing like uncharted 3; etc etc.

Correct me if I m wrong but I think the next gen games are pushing xbox360/PS3 to the max so I might have to agree with UBIsoft simply because I don't believe we going to get anything better than GOW3 or Uncharted 3. So if my hunch is correct it would mean that the xbox360 and PS3 only have about 1/1 & half years left. So for crying out loud... I m starting to get tired of hearing about every Game developer complaining that they need more RAM. Matter of fact, Activision's Modern Warfare 3 is a prime example because of the lack of RAM which infact made it difficult to Program. Nuff said!!!

kookie2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Yes It is not needed but its in development.

dirthurts2501d ago

I think the next gen would be nice to have, but not needed. They can still make games for the current gen, but they're hitting a wall.
I would like to see current gen, and next gen coincide with one another.

dragonelite2501d ago

Not for them they would have to cater 2 extra consoles.
Im sure after far cry 3 is released they will be begging for it.

thespaz2501d ago

I'm sure they'd love a next gen so that it's easier to get their games up and running on the better hardware, but if the developer works hard enough, they can get excellent results on such ancient machines (see Naughty Dog, id, Team Bondi).

I hate to pull the Naughty Dog card so much, but they really are amazing developers, so it wouldn't be fair not to mention them when talking about quality.

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