Teen Killer Expert Warns of Violent Video Games

A Wellington area teenager killed his mother and attempted to kill his father. In court, defense attorneys claimed violent video games were to blame.

"We have a young man who's normal, a normal young man until he starts viewing video games," attorney, James Kersey said.

But is that a real defense? An expert says his strong opinions about the grisly crime which occurred October 20, 2007 at the Brighton Township home of Pastor Mark and Sue Petric, is shedding light on a serious problem.

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The Matrix2498d ago

If parents and retailers just followed the ESRB rating guidelines there would be no problems.

Pozzle2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

It's funny how the "expert" talks about violent video games and how much of a threat they are...Then it's revealed the kid had depression before he killed his mother...but the "expert" completely ignores this fact and keeps talking about how dangerous video games are. Ugh. Stupid reporting. >_>

Video games don't cause murder. And no amount of violence on a tv screen can desensitize a person to the horrors of real life violence. NOT UNLESS THAT PERSON ALREADY HAS SOME SORT OF MENTAL DISORDER TO BEGIN WITH! A "normal" person doesn't just decide to get a gun one day and kill their parents. That kid obviously had some serious problems to begin with.

Does this "expert" really believe that playing Halo will desensitize a person to the true horrors of war? Does he think running a person over in GTA will desensitize someone to running over a real live person? :/

Inside_out2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I guarantee, this kid is on some sort of medication. Every time that something like this happens, they suppress the fact that these kids are medicated. Those so called " medicines " have terrible side effects.

I don't want to say that the environment that kids are raised in, and that would include playing video games won't have an effect on the thought processes of a young mind but I think in cases like this were someone actual killed another living, breathing person, and especially their parents, there is another, more sinister reason.

kookie2498d ago

Arnold schwarznegger: Violent games

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