Crysis 2 multiplayer designed for “accessibility” but mistakes cost us – Crytek

Crysis 2′s multiplayer was “streamlined” from the first PC game, Crytek lead designer Steven Lewis said at Develop 2011, to “keep the barrier to entry as low as we could”. But, he admitted, Crytek made several errors that cost them.

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Inside_out2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

If Crysis 2 had come out at the beginning of the gen and not at the end, the game would be a monster. As it stands, last I heard, it was around 3 million sold so i wouldn't call that a fail BUT EA and Crytek were no doubt hoping for some COD numbers...maybe that is the problem.

Unfortunately, it was anything but a smooth launch with Beta problems, in particular the PS3 fanboys attack the game, trying to prop up Sony exclusive KZ 3. I've played the multi-player and it's very addictive. Some maps are better than others and it would appear to me that they needed some more experience in the development of the multi-player maps...but it was far from unplayable and some maps were/are outstanding.

Crysis 3 will be great, that I'm sure and after seeing Battlefield 3 footage, Crysis definitely is the better looking of the two games...well done Crytek. Now get the Crysis 1 port done already.

zootang2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

So you didn't play KZ3 then, lol. You missed out. Malwr blew me away!

SJPFTW2465d ago

corridor shooters were soooooo 1990. Maybe thats why KZ3 cant even get a 90 on metacritic

TheDareDevil2468d ago

The good thing about C2 were that the maps were well designed. The multiplayer is fun but there is a bit of lag. The only thing they needed was an earlier beta launch. Launching a 'beta' 2 months before the games release means that not a lot of changes are going to be made. Played the hell out of the beta AND the demo though. They did fix quite a few problems with the final game, lie texture pop-ins were considerably less.

InTheLab2468d ago

Do you remember how often you spawned in front of the enemies gun on most maps? And how most of those maps don't really take advantage of the suit? Or how you could shoot through walls on certain maps?

HeavenlySnipes2468d ago

because it was shit. The people downplaying it were downplaying the graphics.

Not only did the beta have poor matchmaking, the gameplay itself was terrible. Everyone just ran around invisible, the shooting mechanics were terrible (watching killcams was hilarious, people would spray everywhere without aiming because everyone moved very fast in nanosuits), and the melee was WAY to fast. It came to a point that after 2 games with a lobby, we all started meleeing only because it began to become more efficient than shooting because it took 2 secs to do two melee attacks.

The beta was terrible, and add to it that they blatantly tried to coppy COD. The 6v6, small maps, killstreaks in the beta closely resembled COD ones, killcams, terrible matchmaking and lag.

I'm sure the SP is good (it got 9/10s from a lot of sites) but the MP convinced me to hold on to my money till it hits the bargain bin. Heck the game is dead on consoles already.

TABSF2468d ago

Crysis 2 failed because it went for the Call of Duty model

Crysis 3 better be like Crysis MP and Battlefield 3 MP

Ranshak2468d ago

Problem was if the people who want to play COD, they will play COD. Crysis2 didnt bring anything new to the table. It was just better graphics however lower FPS(which is understandable due to console limitations).

Hopefully next time they wont forget their core gamer, the PC gamer and take a simular decision as to what Dice is doing with BF3.

Gran Touring2468d ago

I hope the next Crysis has the scale and mechanics of the first. I loved the Multiplayer in the first & Warhead, it was like a synthesis of Battlefield and Counterstrike. But with Crysis 2 it was clearly made to appeal the console audience and not actually build off the series itself.

SuperSaiyan42468d ago

'We like other developers decided to cater for the noob gamer, especially kids that have no sense for gameplay.'

wallis2468d ago

FYI crytek, adding scaffolding to a linear game does not constitute vertical and open gameplay.

Maybe if you'd actually given us open areas then I would have gladly accepted the step down in graphics because at the end of the day crysis 1 was a little TOO processor intensive. However all I got was an okay alien invasion shooter than gave me literally no answers to the first games ending.

If you pull a halo 2 ending you need to at least finish the damn thing in the sequel.

Tachyon_Nova2467d ago

Check out the comic books they have just started releasing, they fill in between the first and second games.

Spenok2468d ago

Biggest problem I had with multiplayer was the gun balancing. As you lvled up (which took AGES) you would get guns and attachments that would just destroy the newer players pretty much no matter what. Which was very frustrating since you can only play with people your lvl until lvl 10 I think it was. And for some reason, which I don't know if this was just me, but I swear whenever I killed someone it would take many shots, yet whenever I watched my death via killcam I would die in one bullet EVERY time. I mean even if it was a knick in the toe nail. Which I'm sure is just latency issues with the cam or something. But it always bothered me.

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