Resistance 3 Survivor Edition Trailer

So for those of you that missed the announcement of all the different Resistance 3 retail options a few months back, I wanted to give you a quick reminder and show you a brand new trailer we have for the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition.

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WhiteLightning2374d ago

Now this is a Collectors Edition :)

rlineker2374d ago

Agreed, can't wait to add it to my collection!

The Matrix2374d ago

Hip flask, playing cards, chimera shooting targets and toy soldiers. Collector's editions just reached an all-time low.

WhiteLightning2374d ago

Well it's better then crappy DLC codes, soundtracks and Making of DVDs (the following two which will be on Youtube in like a week anyway)

JohnApocalypse2374d ago

You can get the special edition separately. Its only costs £5 more then the normal version

chidesd2374d ago

Makes me so mad that awesome vynal edition isnt hitting the US

FunAndGun2374d ago

awww...I want the little Chimeran army men!!

Spenok2374d ago

Lol I have to admit those are pretty freakin cool. Nice ingame stuff too tho. Seems to me a lot of people are putting bags in their collectors editions.

Now all I need to know is the price.

Der_Kommandant2374d ago

Can't wait to fill that hip flask with some booze

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The story is too old to be commented.