EA Unveils Special Editions of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Available for Pre-Order Starting Today

Today Bioware revealed three editions of Star Wars(TM): The Old Republic(TM). These packages are each custom-designed to delight RPG and Star Wars fans worldwide. The Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector’s Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition are available for pre-order today at participating retailers, with digital versions available exclusively at Origin(TM)

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Der_Kommandant2557d ago

I need that Sith figure in my desk!

WhiteLightning2557d ago

So EA could go all out for Star Wars but when it comes to giving fans an "Uber" CE of the last Mass Effect game in the deal

tdrules2557d ago

Star Wars has a much bigger fanbase that buy anything with Star Wars on

Ducky2557d ago

Heh, reddit has someone amusing screens of the pre-ordering process since the supplies are limited.

Cpt_kitten2557d ago

totally preordering that, finally a CE that is worth what they give

SuperSaiyan42557d ago

from GAME £129.99 I am waiting for to have them available as they will probably offer it cheaper by around £10.

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