The Next-Gen War Has Already Started

360 Magazine: The war is already being waged. Let's take a look at the combatants...

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Biglet2499d ago

Xbox has more graphics. It probably has the most graphics ever. It has more graphics than graphics.

potedude2499d ago

lol. I see some people are taking you seriously already...

Dailynch2499d ago

I know, annoying isn't it?

jacksheen00002499d ago

Getting Better my friend... at least I can understand you.

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MOTY2499d ago

I can't wait to play a new Halo game and Gears game on MS's next gen console.

Grip2499d ago

we don't want ur Sh!t that comes out every year.. all i want my Persona :( this gen

MrDead2499d ago

Next-Gen War?........ grow up

Dailynch2499d ago

You grow up. There's a war going out there man. you weren't there, man, you weren't there... (stares off for a thousand yards)

MrDead2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

My war ended with the Atari ST and Amiga wars of the early 90's, a lot of floppys lost their lives. You can never go back to being the same person after seeing all that carnage, you can drown out the screams with tizer and lucozade but they never leave you.

What I read on here is a load of kids flicking each others balls because mummy got them a different system.

This is no war.

Solidus187-SCMilk2499d ago

AHAHha dailynch LOL @ "FLICKING EACH OTHERS BALLS" that was funny.

edhe2499d ago

MS has already won the next gen, by having DX11 as standard.

Grip2499d ago

by the time DX12 will come out

frostypants2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

So Microsoft won the next gen by supporting their own proprietary APIs? Really dude? Obviously Microsoft will support their own platforms. What does this have to do with who "wins"? It would be like saying "Sony will win because only they will have Cell technology". It's not a logical comment. There's nothing magical about's just an API suite that Microsoft happened to create for themselves.

edhe2498d ago

Really? you're that shortsighted?

What, exactly, are sony going to do when all the major developers have years of coding to dx11 on the PC then have to port to whatever they use on the ps4 which is different?

All the dx11 games that are being made for PC will run on the nextbox [assuming it's a dx11 box] and will be peachy, with *very little to change*.

If you have, for instance OGL4, then there will be many features requiring changes for that. Change will be hard to push when the development of these massive titles are so highly budgeted. Optimal conditions will be the ones that the games were developed to, dx11.

Anything else will be a ported afterthough, and we've seen how "well" the cell's done with that this generation haven't we?

This means that any exclusive studios left will be wondering why, again, they're selling their product to a chunk of the potential audience and not the whole of the audience when it's so expensive to make the games.

The *only* people who'd be cutting edge on the ps4's custom solution will be the only people not getting their money's worth from their productions.

Economic dead end; change direction; go multiplat; dx11 as standard, ms box preferred.

playstation brand will suffer further erosion.

feel free to PM to discuss. :)

NB cell was one of the worst business decisions ever made. Fortunately it was balanced by one of their best - bluray included.

stevenhiggster2498d ago


I almost agree with you, but the fact is Sony's exclusives mostly do sell well.
No not Halo or COD numbers, but well enough to be making a profit. And not everyone in the gaming industry is all about the massive numbers.
Sony's first party devs don't have to worry about the money side of things, they let Sony worry about that.

BlackKnight2499d ago


I think he is referring to how the Wii U only put in a DX10.1 card, which means it is limited to around OpenGL 3.0.

And what many people can't grasp is that the higher API's a video card can support (DX11 or OpenGL 4.0) this means they have more features and capabilities which meet the standards that DX11/OGL 4.0 requires...

vyke32499d ago

so? sony has opengl 4 as the standard.

edhe2498d ago

That comeback was as well thought out and strong as a mouldy banana.

Bonobo123452498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )


With that one short sentence he provides just as valid an argument as your whole previous essay/post.

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