BBC to Publish British Indie Games

"When you think of Britain you probably picture tea, crumpets, the Queen, and of course, the good ol’ British Broadcasting Corporation, paid for by the people, for the people."- The Stoned Sheep

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iamnsuperman2530d ago

I hope when you think off Britain you do not just picture tea, crumpets and the Queen otherwise our tourism department is doing a crap job.

OT: Interesting. I wonder if it will be the Film 4 of the gaming world because that would be good.

Del6732530d ago

Apparently a Scottish man

maxcavsm2530d ago

WOT? Man, everyone's getting in the game business now a days. Where my Trump Entertainment? How about Kardashian Software?

Dark_Overlord2530d ago

I don't trust the BBC, thanks to them we have to pay a yearly TV license, and the cheeky c**** even tried to push a radio license through (Which thankfully failed). I wonder what crap they'll try to pull doing this.