Namco Bandi Hints at Enslaved Sequel

"Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was a charming platformer set 150 years in the future that followed Trip and her companion Monkey, forcibly indentured to help her get home after she places a slave headband on him. The game received good review scores, averaging an 82/100 for the 360 version and 80/100 for the PS3 on Metacritic, particularly praised for the vibrant art style, impressive facial animations, well written dialogue, and interesting plot."- The Stoned Sheep

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SuperStrokey11232555d ago

Would love a sequel to this game, really loved it. Just needs to add a bit more to the combat and explain the ending.

maxcavsm2555d ago

Absolutely agree. Not sure how they follow up the first.

itsralf2555d ago

Ninja Theory will never see my money again.

Noctis1062554d ago

Agree with you. Just look at DmC. Ninja Theory touched it and turned it into sh*t! I'll never buy that DmC. I'd rather pay $60 for a DMC Trilogy HD on its Release-Day than pay $40 for their DmC

SoapShoes2555d ago

I wonder why Ninja Theory aren't packing their bags and fleeing this series immediately? That's what they did with Heavenly Sword because it didn't sell well and this sold far less!

SuperStrokey11232555d ago

Didnt heavenly sword sell like 2 million or something? Thats pretty impressive for a new ip.

Skyliner122555d ago

Oh oh, PLEASE let this be true. Damn I love Enslaved. It was iffy at a couple points, but what the hell, it tried something new and it worked out pretty awesome.

I imagine all the "Ninja Theory sux, go home" comments are people pissed about DMC's future. Heaven forbid a game developer tries something different and you don't get Halo 8.

Noctis1062554d ago

The first Enslaved was ok to me. I gave it 6.5/10 and I paid 14.99 for a new copy. If Ninja Theory actually makes a sequel for it, then this time I'll wait until the price is $9.99.