Microsoft wants to push “young family titles” on 360

Microsoft are primarily interested in new IP if it’s targeted at “young families”, according to lead designer on racing flop Blur, Gareth Wilson.

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potedude2404d ago

That made a ton of bucks for Nintendo and MS want some of the action.

Thank goodness Sony aren't pushing move the same way, its fun, for about 5 minutes...

Why o why2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

this is sad but the writings been on the wall for a while now. Lets be honest with ourselves at least.

They have shifted their focus from guys like us who visit gaming sites like this one to those who couldn't tell an rpg from an mmo. Im sure there will be some people defending MS's tactic but i think those people are caring too much about ms's bottom line over their own gaming experiences.....just as sad

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fr0sty2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Yeah, it's possible Beware Oblivion, Sony has proven that with move's family titles, however MS has proven that they aren't catering to both. If you need proof, watch their last press conference. 3 exclusive (new) core games.

Edit: had to update, forgot about Forza.

gamingdroid2403d ago

They definitely announced plenty of core Kinect games, but third party is doing just fine producing non-Kinect core games for the hardcore. On top of that we still got games like Forza, Fable, Halo, Gears and so on.

They are just adding family friendly games to the mix, but giving it a proper push. Xbox 360 as a core console, doesn't need to be advertised. It's business 101. Why advertise something people already know?

On the flip side, PS Move is destined to fail. It's not getting the support it needs from the very start. Saw the last minute E3 showing unveiling? What games have been announced? Like anything, adoption is key and Sony ain't pushing adoption. PS Move has lots of potential, but it's not being used at all.

Why o why2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

oblivion. Really, 'ten year olds' no offence but do the maths. Look at the past 2 E3's. Look at the dashboard change and avatars. Look at the Kinect push. No core games released this year and we're in july. Studios more equipped to produce core games being disbanded closed or released. RARE, one of MS only devs making kinect sports 2 instead of Killer Instinct. More kinect games announced than core at the biggest show of the year .. c'mon dude MS are relying on 3rd parties to appease their core. If it was just as simple as catering to both then MS would do it. The balance is very casual heavy and that doesn't mean multiplatform games or the few core games wont fill your needs im just saying that some people are noticing these trends and arent too pleased even some members of n4g who prefer the 360. Granted, some people would still probably complain even if MS released more games than sony and nintendo combined but they're extreme cases and you shouldnt throw everybody into that category. IF ms has some plan of balancing their resources between core and casual then thats all good but you explain how they can achieve this. Go after that money MS, why not but dont call people jealous especially when a high proportion of them actually own 360's. Admittedly shifts like this affect those who have a 360 as their secondary console a little harder than those who have it as their primary as most people play their multis on their first console. Im a secondary 360 owner and I purchased it for its core exclusive games and own many of them. Without those its really just sits there though i also have to admit there's a wealth of games from a couple years ago that ive not yet played.

@ oblivious

for every LBP and ratchet n clank theres a uncharted, infamous and last guardian....called balance in case it wasn't abundantly clear

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Excalibur2404d ago

Kinect is doing that already, no need to push it more.

GrumpyVeteran2404d ago

They gonna have like my lil pony w/ kinect i bet

caseh2404d ago

Personally i'm waiting for Barbie - Epic Catwalk Edition for Kinect. My life will then be complete.

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