Blur designer hypes almost unheard-of games console

Blur’s lead designer suggests that Zeebo – a brand new games console targeted at the developing world – will be a great platform on which to launch new IP.

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potedude2558d ago

Never heard of it. Specs?

The controller looks rank!

The Meerkat2558d ago

CPU ARM11 clocked at 528Mhz
Graphics ATI Imageon

SantistaUSA2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

If I am not mistaken they already called it quits in Brasil! The console is a joke if you already own a X360, PS3 and/or Wii, it's targeted to countries where the other consoles are too expensive!
In Brasil an xbox360 4g slim with kniect and Alan Wake and Forza 4 goes for OVER U$ 1200!!!

PS3 160GB + Bundle Play Station 3 Move goes for also for a little over U$ 1200

Wii Motion Plus + 2 Games Wii + Remote Controller for U$ 600

And the Zeebo is under U$ 200.

The different is HUGE, I grew up in Brasil, lived there until the age of 21 (I'm 32 now), it's so hard to keep up with game consoles etc, when people complain about prices here in the USA, I'm like you have no idea how good you have it here!

Nicaragua2557d ago

Why dont they just buy a PS2 or gamecube or something ?

Any last gen console looks better than one of these things.

SantistaUSA2557d ago

@Nicaragua: They do buy PS2 and last gen consoles over Zeebo, PS2 is the king cause they can get pirated games very easily! That's why PS2 is still kicking butt, mainly because now its fairly affordable to the poorer population!

My whole family is in Brasil, and I got tons of friends over there, and I do not know anyone that has that POS!

Solidus187-SCMilk2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )


I heard her say "Quake 1, Quake 2" in there.

Why wouldnt these people just by a old computer for cheaper and play better games. You could buy a 10 year old computer for cheap as dirt and play better games than this.

SantistaUSA2557d ago

@Solidus187-SCMilk unfortunately even computer in those countries are expensive, and tons of people still don't have it. My parents don't own one and they have no clue how use one, I tried to convince them to give it a shot, cause I would be able to video chat with them for free instead of paying tons of money in international tel calls.

in Brasil the lowest priced computer I found costs almost U$900 (Desktop All In One Compaq HP CQ1-1220br c/ Intel® Atom D510 2GB 320GB DVD-RW Webcam LCD 18,5'' Windows 7 Starter - HP)

Pikajew2558d ago

Its a good idea for people who can't afford consoles. There are a lot of poor people that should play games and this will allow them to

Montrealien2558d ago

agreed. Here it is, the poor man's Resident Evil 4, with PS1 sounds! :)

FriedGoat2557d ago

That is the funniest thing i have ever seen, The lag on the shooting looks fantastic.

Oldman1002558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Screw next gen, i'm getting one of these monsters.

Omg it even has Prey

SantistaUSA2558d ago

That's HQ game play lmao! :p This destroys any game.../s

beast242tru2557d ago

well im sorry for those brazillians i know in bahamas a 160gig ps3 cost $450.00 and new games cost $85 well on other hand the bahamian dollar isnt lower then the u.s.d i dnt get why U.S people complain soo much when they hav best prices