Battlefield 3: New gameplay proves dominance over Modern Warfare 3

Product-Reviews writes: A lot of comparisons with Modern Warfare 3 have already been made with both titles, but based on the new gameplay footage, Battlefield 3 is easily going to be the best looking title out of the two in terms of graphics. As for gameplay, this will come down to personal opinion, but this video alone is probably going to earn EA a few more sales from those who were previously set on picking up Activision’s title.

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tr00p3r2225d ago

Gameplay is the key factor.. and Battlefield 3 is the clear winner, this latest video proves it.

rabidpancakeburglar2225d ago

While I agree that B3 will no doubt be superior, the latest video proves nothing as there has been no MW3 footage. I'm not saying that MW3 will be anywhere near as good but it can't be proven without comparison.

evrfighter2225d ago

Latest video proves everything. Bf3 > cod

Thats all she wrote

rabidpancakeburglar2225d ago

I know what you're saying but you can't say something is proven without proof.

tr00p3r2225d ago

But then you could argue that the gameplay for Modern Warfare 3 is basically the same package, whereas Battlefield 3 looks significantly different due to a new engine.

fullymoated2225d ago

The latest video proves that the PC version of BF3 looks better than the xbox 360 version of MW3. EA/Dice are afraid to show console footage because all this time their huge edge has been in the graphics department.

Gameplay makes the game, and gameplay wise I don't see any crazy innovations from EA/Dice. Same stuff. If you like battlefield then go play it. But don't pretend like the console version will be vastly superior than BFBC2. EA/Dice thought they'd trick a few people by showing cutting edge graphics, I can't beleive it's actually working.

Raf1k12225d ago

TBH I think we all know what the gameplay in MW3 is going to be like.

crzyjackbauer2225d ago

dont mean to sound like a negative joe
but this just looks like COD with vehicles and better graphics
nothing more nothing less
whats all the hype about?
gimme something new, fresh, original
cant wait till skyrim comes out

raWfodog2225d ago

It does look good but can someone please explain what the difference is between BF and COD? When I say 'difference', I don't mean the gameplay elements, we all know that. I mean how people rag on MW for being the same but somehow BF is innovative. Isn't BF the same as it has always been? In terms of destruction and team-based gameplay, isn't that how its always been? Like MW, it's just in a prettier package. People, it's two different games with different gameplay elements. Play one or the other, or both (like me). But don't pretend that BF is somehow 'changing' the way that its always been played.

SJPFTW2225d ago

they never showed MW3 footage yet? please its a re-skinned MW2 we all know how it will look like

HardCover2224d ago

"Gameplay makes the game, and gameplay wise I don't see any crazy innovations from EA/Dice. Same stuff"

So what do you think of Activision and MW3 then? Double dipped code worked on by the remnants of IW along with TWO other devs to make it on time for a yearly schedule? That's called a "train wreck" if you ask me.

Besides, DICE brought destruction into the online multiplayer FPS scene with BC, and now they're upping the ante real strong with that feature. They don't need to tag on a new feature when their main one is being improved monumentally.


@ crzyjackbauer

trust me thats nothing like COD, it may look like it and sound like it but it's way off.

You don't see people in cod taking their time to aim and shoot with an AR like that.

Cod games tend to go something like this;

Game starts;

Thump Noobtube cross map.

run, run, run, run, Knife kill... run run run knife run run BLAM noob tube..

Knife run, quick scope, quick scope run run blam noob tube.

air strike, chopper gunner, Nuke. end game!

na, not like Cod at all.

Drake_Seraphim2224d ago

@ crzyjackbauer
Something new? Something fresh? About war? "War, war never changes" :) sorry couldn't help myself. But BF3 looks amazing!

starcb262224d ago

Just go play the previous Call of Duty's.

skip2mylou2224d ago

@crzyjackbauer sorry skyrim isnt really that original either its been done by the past oblivion games and other games that did really shitty

paintsville2224d ago

There's no question that this is a beautiful game. But the perceived 60fps of Modern Warfare is hard to beat. We really need to see them running side by side to make a fair determination.

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Chaos692225d ago

Battlefield 3 as an overhyped 30fps turd. It plays like sh!t. We still haven't seen console version because EA/DICE know that their game is sh!t on console.

Modern Warfare 3 that you hate so much will sell five times more (will keep on selling throughout the year like other CoDs) and people will keep playing it till the next one comes out.

Battlefield 3 will sell 5 to 6 million on hype alone, but just like previous games, the player base will drop drastically after a month, because, wait for it... it's sh!t.

bumnut2225d ago

Its a '30 fps turd' as you call it because both consoles are getting old and can't handle it.

Player count will drop drastically? I played Bad company 2 last night and there were over 2000 servers.

sack_boi2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Well said.

trenso12225d ago

so the ps3 console footage isnt console footage? or is it because there isnt any xbox gameplay? so unless you xbox gameplay you will continue to say we have not seen any console gameplay?

Brosy2225d ago

Battlefield has alot longer legs than COD. Sorry but your player count comment is pure BS.

Chaos692225d ago

How can you say Battlefield has longer legs than CoD? Black ops and MW2 have been selling since release; you can see them on every chart. Whatever, you guys are just delusional, you'll be eating crow again this year, just like every other.

Ser2225d ago

Sorry, bro, you're incorrect. We have seen console footage. Just because we haven't seen any 360 footage does not mean there isn't any "console" footage.

Also, Battlefield 2's player base says hi.

kingslayer10002225d ago

Call Of Duty Rinse and Repeat 3

Pikajew2224d ago

I completely agree, its just a dull military shooter and well said

ndl15312224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

there you go playing the selling game. why do you think activision releases rehash after rehash after rehash of the same garbage engine huh? because people like you that settle for the same'ol crap . remember quantity does NOT equal quality . i dont care what people buy its just you say bf3 is $hit ? then what does that make mw3 ? you think because of mw3 sales its gonna be the better game? mcdonald's sells billions but is nowhere near a great burger its just filler . your argument is flawed.....anyways daaaaammmm that gameplay looks f*cking sick cant wait.

solar2224d ago

every online console games' player base drops to shit after the next new game comes out. your point is?

Northtouch2224d ago

@Chaos69 "...the player base will drop drastically after a month, because, wait for it... it's sh!t."

Lolol. Have you even played Bad Company 2 recently? I was on today, and guess what? It was a full on 24 players in every match i joined.

CoD is ok but has gotten stale, same old copy and paste shit runnin 'n' gunning formula. No tactics involved its either shoot first or be shot in the face first.

Battlefield... Well, its so many words u cant really describe it but Epic is one of em'. Tactics, teamwork, objectives, realism, immersion, sense of scale, sense of surroundings, vehicles...

You get the point.

NeoTribe2224d ago

Instead of runnin ur mouth id advice atleast renting it when its out. COD is a fine game for maybe a month but this is so much more intense and realistic. Why wouldnt u want ur maps completely destructable and be able to drive everything from choppers to boats. Theres just no comparison.

limewax2224d ago

Remind me Chaos69 (something you would lucky to ever land) Exactly how many games this gen are there that are not '30 FPS turds'?

Because from where I stand that sounds like a very small game library

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iPad2225d ago

You don't really need MW3 footage to compare both. Just use MW2.

stevenhiggster2225d ago

Or COD4 or Blops, they're all the same anyway!

fullymoated2225d ago


MW3 = MW1/MW2


So why should you expect anything different in sales or quality this time around? More people like the MW series and have more fun playing it. Stop trying to convert people and just play what you like.

JeffGUNZ2225d ago

You people are so ignorant it's pathetic. Anyone who makes a decision before they have all the facts are complete morons. Sure, BF3 looks beautiful, but the mechanics look IDENTICAL to BC2. I mean come on, other then the graphics, what else has significantly improved? It looks very similar and I really want to see some final build console versions. I know we saw LIMITED PS3 play, I want to see it on alpha/beta stages.

Christ, MW3 will probably look very similar, but we have seen NOTHING from the multiplayer, so how could anyone possibly provide a reasonable comparison?

Hold your horses BF3 fanboys and wait for IW to disclose and release content of their MP aspect.