What LA Noire Got Wrong

However good the premise of L.A. Noire is, it's far from perfect. Story and plot spoilers abound in the following article, so if you haven't played the game yet, bookmark this article and come back afterwards. You'll certainly agree with all of these complaints once you've seen them yourself.

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Axll2374d ago

Really nice article with a lot of valid points. I had also wondered why we couldn't rough someone up to get a statment (if it was necessary) - it would have been a little more 1940s.

Cpt_kitten2374d ago

they forgot poor handling of evidence, none of that stuff is admissible in court because everything was contaminated

i also didn't like the womanizing main char

M1chl2374d ago

What about using uncovered hands to investigates clues? Dactyloscopy was well known technique in that time...

Muckbeast2373d ago

Great article! Thanks for sharing.

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