DEVELOP AWARDS: Kinect beats PlayStation Move

Develop: What's better - PlayStation Move or Kinect?
According to a judging panel of 100 games development execs, the answer is Kinect.
The Microsoft camera technology and its creators at Microsoft Cambridge Research last week took home the Technical Innovation accolade at the Develop Awards.

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potedude2281d ago

Kinect is more unique and has never been done before but it is kinda limited to certain games and its not very accurate.

Move is way way more accurate but is basically quite similar in idea and function to a Wii.

I'm a bit over motion gaming, until something actually good comes along...

zootang2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

"Kinect is more unique and has never been done before"

I haven't seen it do anything that the PSeye couldn't do. Pseye has been doing what Kinect does for years now. It has no good games for it just like Kinect.

MrSpace2281d ago

Apparently the eyetoy had Kinect like games in development where it would make full use of the camera but they got canceled when the eyetoy didn't do very well.

Machioto2281d ago

Yeah,there's something called ps eye mesmerise that has kinect like features.

SoapShoes2281d ago

@MrSpace - Eyetoy sold over 10 million. It didn't really do poorly for a peripheral.

Vaud-Villian2281d ago

Eyetoy could move? Zoom? Tell depth? Track gestures well enough to not need a controller as well?

Kinect is more innovative than the eye toy FAAAAAR more than move is over the wii mote

SoapShoes2281d ago

@Vaud - No... The Move far improves on the original Wiimote design. The Kinect also on the Eyetoy. They both are more advanced than their predecessors, but they both play exactly the same way and neither are more innovative than the other.

Moving, zooming, and telling depth is about as little innovation as the Move being able to do that over the original Wiimote.

fear882281d ago

In some ways I am inclined to agree but also it has its flaws in design as well.

Kinect is definitely a more accurate device than the PSMove in terms of body motion tracking (I prefer the move) but the accuracy is hampered by the slow 30fps camera. Fluid movement needs a faster frame rate to capture faster and more varied rapid movement.

However Kinect does offer a greater technical control and depth over more motion based games compared to the eyetoy and PSeye. It may not be able to track the fastest "jerking" reaction but for the motion based consumer who enjoys party games, fitness games, and the like it is a more accurate offering than the move due to its higher accuracy for those "less rapid movement" games.

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Eddie201012281d ago

If only developers could do something worthwhile on Kinect to back up there opinion.

Persistantthug2281d ago

I might be asking for alot though.

OllieBoy2281d ago

Move: got bored of in 5 minutes.

Kinect: got bored of in 10 minutes.

I guess Kinect actually does win.

newn4gguy2273d ago

I guess you didn't play any of the good Move games?

Baka-akaB2281d ago

It's a develop awards , they looked at the tech side of thing period . And in this instance well yeah kinect is something more innovative and with more new possibilities. Regardless of the quality or lack or quality of either side's games library .

SoapShoes2281d ago

More innovative? It's a more advanced eyetoy and the PS3 has a few games just like it(Kung Fu Live).

ArmrdChaos2281d ago

And what happens in Kung Fu Live if you kick directly at the camera? No...eyetoy does not have FULL body detection in a 3D space as much as most would like to believe.

newn4gguy2273d ago

If you kick directly at the camera, it does a special move to kill all enemies on screen. It doesn't have depth, but it uses an algorithm to make up for it. The larger or smaller part of you gets...the further away from the screen or closer to the screen it is. That's pretty basic stuff.

THINK for a second, man.

Baka-akaB2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I dont like Kinect at all . But yes it is more innovative .

Even if you were right at all , by that kind of token , the move is just a more precise wiimote . It's clear why it's less innovative there .

Doesnt mean crap , i still pick move over kinect every time . but frickin' reason within the context of the award guys .

SoapShoes2281d ago

Don't give me that crap! If Move is just a more advanced wiimote then the same goes for the Kinect being just a more advanced PSEye.

I know Sony never capitalized on the PSEye and not a whole lot of games were made for it, but that doesn't mean it did not exist. Neither of the peripherals are innovative, NEITHER.

Ducky2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

^ keywords: 'more' & 'innovative'

He said Kinect is 'more' innovative than Move. It's a comparison, doesn't necessarily mean that either is all that innovative.

Also, you seem to be confusing innovation with creativity.
Improving something that already exists is innovation.

Baka-akaB2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

But i will give you that crap . Kinect allows far more and can be used in actually innovative ways . Just seek your poofs online among the various hacks and uses devs have been fiddling with .

It just hasnt translated in anything interesting for games so far (or if ever ) .

It's there , it's documented , IT's more INNOVATIVE , it's up to you to do your research .

Meanwhile the move is a better wiimote . Give me that any day over kinect , but it's still just a better remote .

Anwyay screw it , i can't believe you make me waste time defending that thing .

SoapShoes2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

If improving something that already exists is innovation then I guess COD Black Ops is innovative. Improving on something is just improving on something, it's not innovation unless it's something that has never been done before.

Nevertheless I think as far as innovation goes, they are both just mild improvements of what was already out there hardware wise.

I don't take these awards seriously because there is always someone saying something different. Popular Science crowned Move as best of what's new in 2010 over the Kinect. Move has won awards over Kinect and Kinect has won awards over Move. Same crap, different day.

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kikizoo2281d ago

@baka : except move already won more important

and "more inovative = no, more new possibilities = not really, less usefull for playing real game with accuray = yes

the israelian camera can do some stuff ps eye can't (superior for some other stuff), but it's just a camera, and eye toy, ps eye know that you can't gaming seriously with a camera only.

Baka-akaB2281d ago

dude i already said it's not showing in games so far , and would pick move ver it anyway .

How about just reading posts . It's a damn stupid tech award , they rewarded the tech , nothing less or more .

MrSpace2281d ago

Not really...

Have you seen what it's done to Microsoft in terms of core gamers (it's loyal main fanbase) or are you just blind.

LOGICWINS2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Microsoft has done nothing to its core gamers. The only people bothered by what Microsoft is doing are people who live in a fantasy world based upon the idea that exclusives are the end all be all of gaming...even though COD sales have clearly indicated otherwise.

This year, 360 owners can play Catherine, MK9, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Saints Row: The Third, Gears 3, Forza 4, MGS HD Collection, MW3, BF3, Batman AC, AC: Revelations, Dead Island, Skyrim etc.

Ever since 2006, the 360 has released only 1 or 2 definitive exclusive games per year and LARGELY focused on multiplatform games.

Why the complaints now?

Just because the PS3 has more exclusive games than the 360 doesn't mean that Microsoft isn't supporting their core base. By that logic, the PS3 isn't supporting their core fans since the PC has 5x the exclusives that the PS3 has this year.

ironwolf2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I've seen it has vastly improved the bottom line for MS, making it far more likely that they well stay in the gaming business.

Companies have to grow their customer base in order to stay healthy. That doesn't mean they dump loyal customers. MS is simply interested in expanding their business beyond basement dwelling nerds.

MrSpace2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Fantasy world....

Microsoft used to be so in touch with it's fan base and knew what they wanted...and not just exclusives. Just everything they are doing now is family this and Kinect that. I knew when I saw Kinect at 2010s E3 that this would be it for Microsoft in terms of core gamers when it would get released....and I was right.

Oh and mentioning COD sales....really. COD sells anyway, it dosen't mean sh!t

@ironwolf: They've said in interviews that Kinect are it's main focus, they are now relying on MP games to get them by and keep BS in interviews "Core gamers love Kinect", "Core games are coming" (said multiply times since Kinect was first revealed in 09). The way they are going it's like a giant middle finger to the people who got them where they are today

LOGICWINS2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

"Oh and mentioning COD sales....really. COD sells anyway, it dosen't mean sh!t"

It means everything. Voting with their dollars, core PS3/360 gamers have shown that COD IS what they want. THIS is the reason Microsoft is so successful. They listen to what people want...which is COD. Thats why they treat COD like an exclusive game as far as marketing is concerned.

Redgehammer2281d ago

I am not blind, I just question the entire validity of the core gamer argument. Is the core: the people that bought xboxes the first year it released, or is it 17-25 year old males, how about the poeple that just play FPS games?
I am a "core" 360 gamer even though I bought my first 360 early 2007. I average 270 hours, per month, connected to XBL, I am 41 and prefer FPS's more than any other genre, and I agree it was well deserved.

Machioto2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

@LOGIC Wasn’t gta the best selling third party game on the ps2? if so,than cod selling better is immaterial to his point as multi plats should not always sale better than a exclusive and the reason people bring up exclusive so much is that developers take better advantage of the hardware like guerrilla games & sony santa monica with gow3 & killzone, their first games and they knocked it out of the park, imagine what halo 3 would have been if they had other devs or hype to push them to be the best.

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ironwolf2281d ago

So, you expect MS to stop development of and sales of Halo and Forza and Gears and everything else that has made them successful so far? That's like expecting Kroeger to stop selling groceries because they put a filling station in the parking lot.

This is what happens when schools stop teaching economics.

Redgehammer2281d ago

lol..I hate using a bubble to "lol" someone, but "This is what happens when schools stop teaching economics." made me chuckle. Sigh, I think that all the time about communication skills, and grammar.
thx for the chuckle

Dread2281d ago

its a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!


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