Total Miner: Forge Update is Live

The popular Xbox Live Indie block-builder title from XNA dev team Greenstone Games has received it's first update. The new patch adds additional features like new blocks, and other in-game elements that will enhance gameplay in various ways.

Total Miner's first patch is free--as are all the updates to XBLIG titles--and doesn't require players to purchase any additional DLC content.

Total Miner: Forge is available on the XBLIG marketplace for 240 MSP ($3).

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BattleTorn2430d ago

This game is great!

i bought it for $3 a few days ago, and have been playing is practically non-stop.

I'm stictly a console-gamer, so I haven't played Minecraft yet. For some new to this type of building genre, it's a great starting point!