I’ve Seen Battlefield 3 on PS3 Firsthand. It’s Spectacular. The last time I saw Kevin O'Leary he had a beard. A tier-one beard. These day's he's wrangling press for Battlefield 3. Right now he's walking me behind a curtain on the second floor of a New York City ballroom to a Playstation 3 set-up on a back room television.

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techrave2435d ago

After seeing the multiplayer gameplay videos, I concur.

StanLee2435d ago

Those were PC gameplay videos. We've still yet to see direct feed video of any of the console versions of the game.

NukaCola2435d ago

The PS3 footage debut on Jimmy Fallon. It looked great but articles bash it, EA was bashed, N4G was in an uproar. It was bananas for a week. Did you all forget?

MWong2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@ NukaCola

The PS3 footage from Jimmy Fallon was ok, it had some choppy parts, but overall it was ok. I still don't see why they changed some of the visuals from the PC version (ACOG scope & crosshairs, replacing them with a holographic scope and nothing). Believe me I didn't think the PS3 version would be the same as the PC, but I did think they would keep certain things similar if not the same.

To me there was alot more smoke on the PS3 version of the Faultline footage than the PC version.

finbars752435d ago

Go to game trailers if you want to see the ps3 version of BF3.Not only does it look sick but this game is going to be the belly of the beast of games.I'm not going to bring up MWF3 but I would have to say that this will be the game to beat in fps for a long time to come.The graphics looked awesome and the gameplay was smooth.WELCOME TO BATTLEFIELD3 BITCHES.

Boody-Bandit2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@lil Titan
This is about the PS3 version, not the 360. So why would we wait and see how it looks on the 360? You do realize that a lot of people don't own a 360 or decent enough PC to play the game at reasonable settings. Why would they care how the 360 version looks or compares?

Every gamer with a shred of common sense knows the best looking version will be on the PC. But again, that is not what "this article" is about. It's about the PS3.

Call me crazy but this is one title I am getting for both consoles and the PC, now that I finally have a PC (well I will tomorrow thanks to Fed Ex) that can run all PC games with maximum settings enabled. Oh and before anyone ask, so I can play with ALL of my friends and because I can. I'm doing my part to help out the economy.

mamotte2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I dont get how much different they can be. Graphics aside (and graphics dont make the game), the game is supossed to be the same.

I_find_it_funny2435d ago

I'm not worried at all about the consoles version, it will be awesome

units2435d ago

also console version on jimmy fallon looked like trash

lil Titan2434d ago

@Brutallyhonest because this is N4G and believe it or not there will be a comparison article vs PS3, PC and 360, i wager my life savings and will take out a 1 gillion and i do mean "G"ILLION dollar loan if you dont belive it to be true just be ready to owe me for this life and after times 50

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arjman2435d ago

Didn't they show a bit of PS3 gameplay on one of the trailers? Was it the Thunder Run trailer?

MWong2435d ago

Not really they had snippets of PS3 footage in the E3 gameplay footage.

arjman2435d ago

To all the disagreers, did you not see the ps3 logo in one of the videos?

2435d ago
orange-skittle2435d ago

Console version is online right now as we speak. The videos are out there. They look amazing. The guns sound incredible and the melee is sick. I love how the assault class is now called combat class and they can revive now. The guy said because they were always the ones on the front lines pushing to destroy and being used as cannon fodder they decided to give them a defibrillator. They even acknowledged that snipers were pussies.

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majdees2435d ago

I didn't want an October to come so fast in my life. October please man.

DanSolo2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Don't wish your life away for anything, particularly a game.... get out and do lot's of cool sh!t and then in October get the game and get kicking some ass.... and keep getting out and doing the cool sh!t!

That's my plan!

Shane Kim2435d ago

Shut up Dan, we want the game!

theonlylolking2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Is it getting hot in here?

I am talking about how awesome BF3 is.

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gamingdroid2435d ago

So have anyone actually seen the game? I mean, all we hear is, it's awesome! Trust me, it looks soooo awesome!

Clearly, EA haven't shown any game play that warrants the hype. It's just looks more like CoD now!

.... which admittedly makes me more interested.

NeoTribe2435d ago

Well considering ur a dude runnin around with a gun shootin at other dudes with guns, id say yes it does resemble cod or any fps in that matter. Then add in the ability to drive choppers, tanks, atvs, boats, and fuck knows wut else, with complete beutiful full destructability, NOW u have a different kinda fps. For me personally vehicles and being able to blow the roofs off of houses to kill a camping sniper in an attic always tickled my pickle.

gamingdroid2435d ago

The way you put it does sound pretty cool.

That said, I was not a fan of BF2. Bought it upon multiple peoples recommendation, especially that it is more teamwork game play, but frankly, all I saw was this huge battlefield that people were sniping you from a miles way literally.

In fact, the game encourage sniping!

Petro2435d ago

BC2 or BF2? Still many people confuse those two. And I wouldn't say any Battlefield encourages to be a sniper, if your team stays far away and snipes, first they wont get big of a score and secondly you wont win a match. Also in BC2 you can see where the enemy sniped you from and a muzzle flame and the bullet, they made it pretty hard to snipe from one place all the time.

gamingdroid2434d ago

Sorry, you are right, I always get them mixed up. I was talking about BC2. I also played BF 1942 I believe, which was remarkably similar....

You can try and get them and avoid them sniping you, but the distance means the odds are against you. It's just not for me...

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