Books Without Pity Special Report: All Your Base Are Belong to Us

And now, we bring you a Books Without Pity Special Report. This selection is of more recent vintage, has nothing to do with sex (mis)education, and actually comes in praise of its subject rather than reviling it. Quite the departure, wouldn’t you say? The book’s full title is All Your Base Are Belong to Us: how fifty years of videogames conquered pop culture. I thought that it sounded interesting, even if that meme is a dried-out husk by now. And I enjoy origin stories about topics that interest me. I thought (since I still play lots of older titles) that All Your Base would appeal to my retro sensibilities. As far as the history of this topic, I knew some broad strokes going in, which, admittedly, wasn’t much. However, in his introduction, Harold Goldberg purports to tell the story of landmark instances in the history of video games, as well as why they have affected popular culture so much. He claims the book is for core and casual gamers alike. Did he succeed in reaching both (or either) audience? Press Start to play!

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The Matrix2436d ago

"I'm getting sleepy!!" "I feel asleep!!"

- another classic video game monologue

MattG-PTB2436d ago

I've always been partial to "What a horrible night to have a curse." Oh, and "The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night."