3D with glasses is a 'huge problem,' claims Square Enix

The need for glasses may be holding people back from adopting 3D TVs, according to Julien Merceron, the worldwide technology director at Square Enix.

"I think 3D without glasses is a win; 3D with glasses is a huge problem," Merceron told at the Develop conference in Brighton. "I think the only way to make 3D work in the living room is to remove the need for glasses, and that will lead to wider adoption."

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charmer2437d ago

good news....keep that up and the 3ds will be sitting pretty

kreate2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

how come nobody at the movie theater complains about the glasses?

how come only here i see people complaining?

i dont do 3D cuz i cant afford it. 12 dollar movie becomes 16 bucks!
i pay for my girl its 32 dolar.

(drives to the 2 dollar theater)
(grumbles >_<;;)

Xof2436d ago

...Funny, when I saw Avatar I noticed a great many complaints about the glasses.

Anyway, @charmer:

I've been saying this for a while now... but 3D screens, as they exist today, will NEVER be anything more than a passing fad. These 3D TVs? Just a gimmick. The 3DS? Just a gimmick.


They don't present genuine 3-dimensional images--they only give the /illusion/ of 3D.

The cost is simply too high (not the material cost, but the cost of convenience. Consumers are either forced to wear cumbersome head accessories, or work with small, individual screens that much be held at a precise distance and angle relative to their eyes.

It's too much trouble. The 3D fad is no different today than the 3D fad from the 80s.

3D media may indeed be the future of visual entertainment... but not until we start getting high-definition, high-contrast holographic imaging devices in every home, and that future is a long way off, and may never happen. Why? Because the benefits of a 3D image over a 2D image are relatively minor... nowhere near the difference between viewing a black and white image versus color, or tripling the resolution.

By the time 3D does become a reality, we'll have cheap force-fields giving every 3D object simulated corporeality, and we'll be standing /inside/ the image.

Godmars2902437d ago

Yeah, Square has bigger issues than this -like getting their crap together!

felonycarclub2437d ago

3d without glasses is a problem, to me its just pointless you dont get the same sensation and you never will.

schlanz2437d ago

For me and nearly half of the population the problem is I already wear glasses. I don't like contacts, have had them before I just don't like to bother with them.

That said, I love 3D and I'm looking forward to the day that glassesless 3D is more capable of delivering the same kind of quality 3D.

Either that, or there will have to be prescription 3D glasses ;)

DaTruth2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Just saw Transformers 3D... with glasses! Didn't notice any problems except the problem of how I'm gonna go back to watching 2D again!

Edit: Even after an hour, when your eyes adjust and you hardly notice you're watching 3D anymore, if you take down your glasses for a second, you're suddenly greeted by a really flat looking picture.

I feel sorry for people with one eye!

Edit 2: If there is a problem with 3D, it's that everybody just bought at least on large HDTV already and asking us to buy another is a problem! I already have one more HDTV than my apartment can comfortably hold and their resale value is really crap!

Kos-Mos2437d ago

I bet the movie was a good movie with depth.

NukaCola2437d ago

3D with glasses isn't the issue it's the battery powered flicker lenses are too heavy, but they showed new Real D 3Dtvs at CES which use the light polorised glasses. No flickering, and the 3D is superb. Thats the tv I'm getting. I am also getting the Oakley glasses for it which are designed to cover the whole eye and keep the 3D effects raging and balanced , plus you can use them at the movie & they look stylish.

teedogg802437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I have partial vision loss in one eye. A glasses free 3D TV is just what I need. I thought that with my vision problems I would not be able to properly experience 3D. But I ended up going to see Transformers at the movies and had forgot that it was in 3D. To my surprise I was able to see the 3D effects with no problem. I was so excited! I only have the top half of sight in my right eye. It was my first time experiencing 3D.

pain777pas2437d ago

Your comment makes sense in that everyone who just bought a set is not going to get another right now. I for one am one that just cannot find the extra cash nor the need with an HD TV that is working right now to perfection.

Sprud2437d ago

Glasses give much better immersion and 3D effect than glassless do. Also, glassless can't ever do VR, and that's where I want the future to go.

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