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JellyJelly2312d ago

Put that in a pipe and smoke it, Jaffe.

DoomeDx2312d ago


Indoor mixing with outdoor! Awesome, this worked well in BF2142.

Damn the people at dice sure now how to make amazing sound effects.

JellyJelly2312d ago

Yeah. Their sound effects are truly amazing. I spent the first minutes in BF BC 2 just firing off rounds to hear the echoes ricocheting through the landscape. It's a wonder they haven't gotten more cred for their audio engineers.

Pixel_Pusher2312d ago

After watch all the leaked vids and the news that consoles will get dedicated servers I can say without a doubt that cod is officially dead.

Tank_Commander_E62311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

"My brother died while watching this video. He drowned, in semen.

R.I.P <3"


CoLD FiRE2311d ago

@Tank_Commander_E6 You were having gay sex with your brother? That's gross.

Venjense2311d ago

Best in gaming I think, MGS4 had great sound too.

Sound guys don't get enough cred, with the proper system sound effects are the only thing that mimic reality, graphics look great but not close to real in games.

Sound is huge for immersion, but you need the proper equipment to appreciate it.

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Inside_out2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Interesting how they released a NEW multi-player trailer right when all the leaked gameplay is being shown...O_o...poor's too can't hide the lies.

The only problem with that trailer is that the videos of the " ACTUAL " game play have leaked and the game looks...well, NOT very pretty bad choppy animations and textures. Sure, it's alpha but the game launches in less than 12 weeks...good luck fixing that mess.

Dice claims that the multi-player and single player will look the same...0_o...that's too bad because this game doesn't look like anything they promised or the single player footage they have shown. The Fanboys ignore the facts and act like they haven't noticed. :/

MW3 once again, will have no equal. The peoples champ MW3, will be the smoothest, most polished game yet...nothing these fraudsters can do about it now.

Ducky2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

"The Fanboys ignore the facts and act like they haven't noticed. :/ "

Seems like you're the one doing that.

The alpha footage is from PC.
On PCs, there isn't just one visual setting that everyone experiences, but rather, the user is allowed to pick the level of visuals they want.
The alpha version, AFAIK, does NOT allow one to actually max the visuals.
The official videos you see probably are maxed.

Also, if you think the console version will look like the previews, then you're just making a silly assumption and then bashing it.

... and hey, 12 weeks is a lot of time. Isn't that what MW3's development cycle is? =)

aviator1892312d ago

Lol, when has a call of duty game after call of duty 4 ever been "polished" or "smooth?"

Haha, don't worry. BF 3 may lose the sales battle, but it'll be on an entirely new level compared to the re-hash that is modern warfare 3.

Pixel_Pusher2311d ago

"the videos of the " ACTUAL " game play have leaked and the game looks...well, NOT very good"

I'll just leave this right here

Clarence2311d ago

Speak for yourself MW3 is not the peoples champ. The only thing MW3 will b doing is running that same old tired ass engine. I guarantee MW3 will look like MW2. The only you will b able to tell the difference between the 2, is by looking at the titles.

47awards can't b a fluke. Hate all you want BF3 is the real deal.

Da_Evil_Monkey2311d ago

Seriously just GTFO. If you love Modern Warfare so much, and obviously hate Battlefield, why do you even bother reading Battlefield articles? Do yourself, and everybody else, a favour and stop trolling Battlefield articles.

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nightmarex1212312d ago

Wtf are you talking about jaffe said he love the battlefield series and was praising it as well, but the hype level is so damn insane and gaming press already saying this is game of the year when none know what the story is about that just show plain bias and not even giving a chance to any video games at all.

wwm0nkey2312d ago

Remember guys the Open Beta starts on September 11th (yeah I know weird day)

MoH beta will be earlier.

DoomeDx2312d ago

Atleast there is something to celebrate on September 11th.

TV Will be boring with all the old 911 documentaries weve seen a billion times already. lol

NewVegasTroop2312d ago

wait wait!! what do you mean by "lol"? are you laughing out loud about all the people that died that day and the soldiers that died in the aftermath? wow seriously that is just wrong and not funny at all buddy

on topic: i can not wait for the beta to begin!!!

peowpeow2312d ago

Chill newvegastroop, most times when people say lol it doesn't mean they're all

DoomeDx2312d ago

Ok mister Im-to-serious.
I was lol'ing at the TV broadcasting the same documentery every year.

NewVegasTroop2312d ago

its a serious matter "dude"

evrfighter2312d ago

No matter how you look at it. It's old news. Big brother is just gonna keep bringin it up every time they wanna pass bs laws if turds like you can't put 9/11 behind them

Never forget. Theres a reason they never let you forget

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techrave2312d ago

Less than 2 months left. :D

BABY-JEDI2312d ago

This game just seems to get better & better all the time. This really is a must have especially the multi-player. ; D

StayStatic2312d ago

In the words of the koolaid guy:


zeksta2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

It's funny... around this time last year I couldn't wait for Black Ops, now.. I just can't wait for Battlefield 3, probably cause I enjoyed number 2 so much! :D

I really hope the gameplay and maps are similar to Battlefield 2, I really want them to be just so I can reminisce the old Battlefield 2 gameplay I loved and cherished so much. :D

theonlylolking2312d ago

BF3 wont disappoint like black ops.

RevXM2312d ago

I facepalmed so hard back then that someone could actually look forward to BLOPS.

Call of duuuutaaaay!

Seriously, Treyarch always sucked, and IW fell apart late in or just after the developement of MW2.
But big ass letters saying: "Call Of Duty" on the front is enough for them anyways.

Kotick can eat a shit.

This BF3 footage looks promising to me.
But the contrast/lighting looks kind of funny.

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