NGB: Why I Love... Street Fighter

A casual passer by would have you believe it’s just a game about two guys in pyjamas decking each other, but to countless others worldwide, it’s far more than that – a global phenomenon that draws people together to study its every intricacy, to practice as if it were a real martial art, and to revere its top performers as rock stars.

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Vandamme212530d ago

I love street fighter because it's a game that required a lot of skills.

Raendom2530d ago

SF = best franchise ever made.

Dno2530d ago

You two are awesome and soo correct....

CaptainMarvelQ82530d ago

i played street fighter for the first time by getting the latest addition,IV....and to tell you the truth, i loathed the game,especially after i battled my friend who's dedicated to this game(and the one who told me to buy it) and got my ass handed to me every single time...yes it requires skill and sore hands after a play session.but no thanks,i don't like it