Gamer Euphoria: Castlevania Lord of Shadows Review

Gamer Euphoria staff member Darren writes:

''Vampires, werewolves, trolls, skeletons & ghouls etc. These are the sort of beings that you would associate with horror films throughout the ages but they are also associated with a long-running gaming franchise that you may know as Castlevania. The Castlevania series has had its fair share of hits and misses through its 24-year career, with most of the hits being in 2D and the misses in 3D. Now another 3D offering is on the table in the form of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Did Mercury Steam’s attempt to make a great 3D outing in the series succeed? I believe so.''

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WildArmed2373d ago

I just ordered this game for 20$ :) I'm damn excited to try it out when it arrives.

NanoSoldier2373d ago

it's really great, have fun!

jacksheen00002373d ago

I think Castlevania Lord of Shadows had stunning graphics and a more realistic atmosphere compared to the other Castlevania games released in the past. My only complaint is I did not like how the stages were decided in to different camera angle. That what killed it for me. That being said, I would have like it better if the Castlevania LOS had stages that were in a real time 3d environment.