New Street Fighter X Tekken trailer confirms 4 new characters including Poison and Yoshimitsu

It appears a new trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken was leaked at Comic Con a bit early that revealed 4 new fighters.


Updated with new gameplay trailer that shows more combo footage

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ZoidsRaven2553d ago

Isn't Poison a dude....?

Anyway, I'll wait for "Super Street Fighter X Tekken". 7_7

MaideninBlack2553d ago

Haha. I was about to say the same.

sack_boi2553d ago

How can that be a dude? Please tell me she isn't a dude!

Chaos692553d ago

If all men looked like Poison, I would be gay.

Raendom2553d ago

Yeah I think Poison is a dude but with legs dat good... I'd happily do it over Chun Li

Peaceful_Jelly2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

she isn't a dude is just that back in the day for the US release of Final Fight they said that it was a dude because Capcom thought that it would look bad showing a woman being hit by men in a game. But she isn't a dude.

finnhima2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Yes she is. Capcom confirmed that Poison is a newhalf or post-op transexual which is the reason for her huge popularity and oddly in "hottest babe" catagories. She was also one of the most requested characters to be added in super street fighter 4 as well.

Inception2553d ago

Well, what i knew Poison is a transvetite. I read on SF III manga when Ryu and Oro meet Poison, Oro said that "is there a trend right now where guys wearing make up like woman?"

And don't be so surprise, cause in Thailand there's a lot of transvetite that had beauty near flawless like a woman XD

Studio-YaMi2553d ago

I really don't know why people are disagreeing with you when you actually said nothing but the truth,could be that N4G is infested with Futa lovers maybe ? lol (no offense to anyone :P)

dericb112553d ago


Apparently she is a post-op Transexual in the US. That is what Yoshinori Ono said about he or her.

Could not find the full interview but its now Wiki so maybe not 100% true but something is up with Poison.

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halocursed2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Aaah Yoshimitsu. Can't wait to play this game,

Vandamme212553d ago

why they gotta put that transexual poison. She is lame.

belal2553d ago

where is jin kazama? is he included in the game? would be dumb not to have him in it, he is one of the main characters in tekken.

Vandamme212553d ago

He is not one of the main characters in Tekken. He is the main character of Tekken.

Chaos692553d ago

sorry, I meant to agree with you. Yes, he's the Ryu of Tekken. They better not add him as DLC.

TheColbertinator2553d ago

Same as said up there.

Ultimate Street Fighter X Tekken HD Remix

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The story is too old to be commented.