Gamer Euphoria:Starcraft 2 Review (PC)

''The genesis of StarCraft is a complete enigma; something that originally began life as an embryo of the Warcraft II engine eventually spawned into an entity far greater than anyone could have ever imagined. The original game and its expansion have reached such legendary acclaim over the last twelve years that it could easily be considered the be-all-end-all supreme ruler of real-time strategy. StarCraft is something of a phenomenon – it’s so popular in fact that it’s one of those games that can even convince people who don’t even normally like real-time strategy games to give them a try. Hell, some people even make a living playing StarCraft professionally in South Korea. The series’ reputation has become so exalted over the previous decade that the idea of a sequel, let alone Blizzard actually attempting one, became almost unfathomable. It would seem as if no matter how excellent a theoretical StarCraft II would be, there was just no way that it could ever live up to anyone’s expect...''

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yamzilla2525d ago

excellent review, agree completely

best game in the last ten years

best $60 ever spent still play about 1 hour a day at least, good times with friends!!