Windows Phone 7 Prices Raised

In a somewhat bizarre turn of events Microsoft has raised the entry-level price for Xbox LIVE enabled releases on Windows Phone 7. Offered in specific price bands in a similar fashion to the Xbox 360’s Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, the cheapest Xbox LIVE titles on Windows Phone 7 have all been raised by approximately 15.1%.

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Inside_out2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Gamers vote with their buying power. If you want to really show big corporate monsters like M$ that you don't appreciate their obvious greed, trade in the phone and let them know why you are giving it up.

These guys only understand MONEY. That's it...NOTHING else matters to these crooks. You want them to change, don't give them your money and watch them freak out.

Big corporations ( look out, here comes a rant ) only do things that are in their best interest and leads to a pay out at the end of the day. If you have an idea and want it to go somewhere, show them it's profitable. Their not interested in helping the poor UNLESS their is a tax write off involved. They could care less about gaming UNLESS they make money. Music, Art, curing aids, curing's all business for these guys. Anybody thinks it's not, is only fooling yourself.

Bill Gates has a charity to save billions in taxes...they all do. There is an Ex M$ CEO running around saying he wants to help people in far away lands learn to read...O_o...these people don't even have clean drinking water but he wants to give them about drilling a fresh water source first, help them grow a sustainable food source, keep the flies of them to help stop the spread of malaria and other bug born many things these guys could do and are not doing...just protecting their assets.

SuperSaiyan42555d ago

Windows phone 7 games are already expensive this is ridiculous! Nah aint touching any games now.

MaximusPrime2555d ago

prices rise everywhere. tough world out there