GTA V: Rockstar 'looking at LA Noire face tech,' says Bondi

Rockstar is considering the implementation of L.A Noire's innovative MotionScan face capture technology in all of its new games - including the next Grand Theft Auto.

That's according to Team Bondi co-founder Brendan McNamara speaking in the relaunched PSM3.

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BeastlyRig2555d ago

Yeah! look at mod tools also please!

EVILDEAD3602555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

The 'Face' tech and the acting MADE that game..if you added that to Grand Theft Auto..WOW..

in fact, I honestly asumed that these game leading up to GTA 5 were a culmination of the tech that would be presented forward..from Red Dead to LA Noire

exciting times ahead my friends..


kamakaz3md2554d ago

yessir, rocksta stays with all of its tools... engines. I love it, they got there own little things that make there few games just amazing. GTA 5 is gonna be amazing no doubt.

wallis2555d ago

Has gta V even been announced yet? Why is every one in six articles about a game that hasn't been announced officially yet?

Quagmire2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Just because it hasnt been announced doesnt mean its not being developed.

What do you think Rockstar North has been doing since GTA4 released 3 years ago? Sipping on Ice Tea in a swimming pool in Hawaii?

wallis2554d ago

If I'd earned that much then yes.

But my point is why bother? Why even write an article for a game we have zero idea about. Have rumors ever proven reliable in the games industry? This is an industry where it's perfectly normal for half the things the devs say to wind up either different or just flat out missing from the end product and yet for some reason people are talking and speculating endlessly in a way that almost sounds like it's been released.

We dont see articles about doom 4 and we know that's getting made. And we all knew elder scrolls 5 was in the making but for the last three years we haven't seen loads of articles talking about how it might have this, or that.

If we're gonna act like this we might as well take the concept to the full and start speculating about things like the ps4 and.... Xbox... 7.... Or we might as well make pre-rendered cgi of what we THINK next gen games will.... Look.... Like.

You know what never mind.

Urrakia342555d ago

Hopefully they won't place too much of an emphasis on realism this time around. They need to make the next GTA feel fresh and fun. Maybe it's time for some slight changes in its formula.

YogiBear2555d ago

No thanks. I enjoyed the grown up version of GTA too much for them to go back now.

Raendom2555d ago

GTA V confirmed! XD XD xD

I was worried it'd go to next gen.

Valk2555d ago

Nothing here says it wont go next gen.

kamakaz3md2554d ago

its not... its coming 2012 in the fall like all the gta's do

Troll-without-Bridge2555d ago

lol GTA becoming more and more of a joke. Its sad to see how something as Vice city, satirical, funny and silly is now trying to become a serious product.

BitbyDeath2554d ago

Vice City is still my favourite in the series.
Taking over the mansion Pulp Fiction style just leaves many good memories.

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The story is too old to be commented.