Sony India On Wii U: 'We will also do what it takes' to be competetive

GB: "I got an opportunity to speak with Atindriya Bose, country manager of PlayStation India on various topics ranging from the PS3 exclusive RA One, PS Vita, PSP, PS4 and India as an upcoming video games development center."


Can anyone please correct the spelling to competitive?

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JoGam2528d ago

What is "Competetive"?

rexbolt2528d ago

u have to know how to read even if it is misspelled you should be able to read it if u cant u need to take reading classes

sack_boi2528d ago

In other words "wait to see if it takes off and then copy". I like that.

Droid Control2528d ago

They already have it:

PS3 + PSV = Wii U

But unlike Nintendo, they don't package both in the box and take full advantage of the relationship between devices.

They can't really. That would have to wait until the PS4 if the Wii U is successfull outside the fanboy market...

thugbob2528d ago

That would probably be the case. Instead of

PS3 + PSV = Wii U

It'll be

PS4 + PSV = Wii U

which will take full advantage of the relationship between the devices and the PS4 is rumored to have body tracking.

Knicet + Move + PSV + Stellar Graphics = PS4

PS4 is looking like it'll take the best of all worlds and put it into one device which would make it one strong competitor. I can't wait to see it.

SuperSaiyan42528d ago

Sony India has forgotten that Sony Japan are the ones that have the last say on what goes not India...*Rolls eyes*.

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