Should Gaming Media Consider Downloadable Titles For Game of the Year?

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Developers have really taken a stride in creating more interesting story lines, more comprehensive game play and new and exciting game mechanics that have closed the boundaries between them and their larger scale, retail released counterparts. But can these games really ever compare to the franchise hits we play today?

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blitz0x2553d ago

I'm surprised they don't already

BitbyDeath2552d ago

I thought they already did as well.
Most (if not all) lack the depth to become GOTY in the first place.

agentxk2553d ago

They have their own category. It'll happen one day

fucadastates2553d ago

well then journey for ps3 will get a HELL of alot gotys

2552d ago
Silly gameAr2552d ago

I don't know. I have a feeling Journey is going to get trolled hard.

2552d ago
The Matrix2552d ago

Idk, I just can't really compare Limbo to Skyrim.

El_Colombiano2552d ago

It needs to be good enough to garner the attention. If you need to force yourself to consider a downloadable game, then is it really GOTY worthy?

Chriss832552d ago

Money and advertising garner attention, not the quality of the product.

El_Colombiano2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Attention of gamers, not the press. Like Demon's Souls did. It was so good because of how it played, because everybody and their mom knows that Atlus spent almost nothing on advertising it.

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The story is too old to be commented.