Almost two thirds of Smartphone Users Game on Their Phone

A recent report released by Park Associates identifies that almost two thirds of smartphone users play games on their phones.

The userbase for mobile gaming has expanded its reach to the nontraditional gamer through the popularity of mobile apps and games such as Angry birds. This forced companies to restructure their business model to generate revenue.

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sloth33952552d ago

i would think they would game on their phone if the have a smart phone but it still wont take away from a real game

MasterCornholio2551d ago

I could have a smartphone and the Vita, But for gamming I would choose the Vita over the phone anytime. And the reason why i say this is because gamming on portable consoles is a lot better than a phone. If theres one vital item that phones lack and thats good controls. Touchscreen doesnt cut it for core gamming.