Jane Austen and Agatha Christie Duke It Out in This “Street Fighter With Words” Game

Jane Austen: Social commentator. Popularizer of rom-coms. Word Fighter. That’s right: Ms. Austen will be a character in the upcoming iOS/Android game. As the developer said, “When it’s time to throw down, Jane is ready to destroy you.”

Originally coming up with the idea last year and intending it to be Street Fighter, but with words, the game reportedly now looks like a combination of Blogger, Words With Friends, Scrabble, and Super Puzzle Fighter. The game challenges how fast you can spell words when competing with other people, and while you play you get to be personified by famous authors.

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The Matrix2525d ago

I would like to see Jane Austen vs. The Velociraptor.

Pozzle2525d ago

I like the way you think. :D