Xbox 360 lifespan "longer than 5 years"

Microsoft Corp sees potential for its Xbox 360 video game console to stay on the market longer than the five-year lifespan that is typical for gaming hardware, an executive said Tuesday.

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vgn244029d ago

The PS3 is a 42 year console designed to evolve every 6 months till it grows arms and legs and goes to college where it majors in business law.

PS3 4 life!!!!

marinelife94029d ago

That's good to know. Otherwise the 360 would only have about three years left.

marinelife94029d ago

I might just go ahead and skip this round of Microsoft products and wait for the 720 anyway.

Sam Fisher4029d ago

i truly agree with u but i think its shorter like 2 to 3 yrs

Texas GMR4029d ago

I buy the console I want on "day one", so I get all 5 years out of it. After 5 years I'm ready for the new technology and power of the next console. (maybe quad-core with 3 gigs of ram and a 500gb HD)*fingers crossed* :-)

FPS nut4029d ago

Then what would you play?

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THE_JUDGE4029d ago

A console who's life span is more than 5 years but only guaranteed to work for at least 3. Classic! Long live the 30% defective rate. j/k

dale14029d ago

360 lasting 5 years sh*t that would be a collectors piece

Salvadore4029d ago

360 owners will then have nothing to worry about, but it would have been better if MS included the HD-DVD inside the console.

PStriple7034029d ago

so it's 6 yrs, can't compare to 10 like all of sonys consoles

Texas GMR4029d ago

Believe me, no one wants to be playing a 10 year old console. They just can't afford the new one.

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The story is too old to be commented.