The Politics of Game Hair

Border House: The choices for game hair often are often disappointing. The physics for realistic hair are not quite there, meaning longer hair is rarely seen.

I have kept an eye on the characters I am able to design in my games. From the original Sims to White Knight Chronicles to both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series (and many more besides—MMOs for instance), I have noticed that if I want to create a black character model, I am typically given at maximum four options, if that, when choosing hair options that are not treated in some fashion: cornrows, locks, mini-fros, or going the shaved route. Even more curious is that sometimes this is even further divided between selecting to play as a man or a woman; when playing Dragon Age 2, I noticed that my male Hawke had more options than my female Hawke, oddly enough.

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TenSteps2438d ago

Reading this article just makes me want Sasints Row 3 to come out already

The Matrix2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Alice: Madness Returns has some amazing hair effects.

Vortex3D2437d ago

If long hair is animated in great details individually by each hair than just a big piece of hair moving like a wave, it takes more processing time from the CPU.

Just watch the commentaries from Pixar as the hair got more complex in each movie, they always said they have more computer power to do it.