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Ready Up's staff writer Michael Slevin writes: "So, it’s been a good few weeks since we ventured into Star Trek online and held the reins of our very own starship. We’ve ventured far from Earth Spacedock to every sector of the galaxy, travelling to a multitude of planets and systems both new and familiar, aiding friendly alien species, battling hostile ones and working our way up the Starfleet ranks as we did so. Having spent so much time in the StarTrek universe, we’ve now got a solid idea of our thoughts on it."

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FlareUK2501d ago

I think STO got a pretty poor reception at launch but it seems to be picking up a bit now.

Silesti2501d ago

I love the look and the sounds of this. Do I need another MMO in my life? I'm very torn...

Young_Scott2501d ago

@FlareUK: Yeah, they've definitely made some strides to improve the experience, which is something you've got to respect when they don't have the kind of backing Blizzard has!

ThatGiloFella2501d ago

Quite simply the finest Star Trek and Star Trek Online article I've read all day. Stirling work team Ready Up! 