The Worst of The First Half of 2011

From the Duke Nukem Forever let down and the PSN hacking to bad system names and Kinect Star Wars, 411 Games Staffers list their worst of the first half of 2011 in the latest edition of the 411 Games Top 5!

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OllieBoy2554d ago

PS Vita name is one of the worst things about 2011? Really?

How about the lack of 360 exclusives so far? 7 months in and still nothing. It's pretty telling of the media these days by how of a free pass they're giving MS for that.

Wintersun6162553d ago

Agreed, Vita's not the best name out there, but it definitely is better than WIIII-UUUU-WIII-UUUU. Where's the fire?!

2553d ago
Sugreev20012553d ago

I love how people call the PSP a failure.It's sold almost 80 million units,that's more than any Nintendo console until the Wii (of course discounting the handhelds) would you call them a failure.

Also,Vita isn't even 1/5th as stupid sounding as Wii U.

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