Goddess Save the Queen: Dragon Age’s Queen Anora

Border House: When I roleplay I often use some of the better characters I’ve come across in my time playing video games as templates. These are characters I found to be unusually well-textured, motivated, in-depth and interesting and could provide the basis for characters like them in various private RPs I’ve involved myself in. Lately my thoughts turned to someone I remembered very fondly from Dragon Age. Queen Anora Theirin.

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Tuxedo_Mask2526d ago

This piece takes a lot of liberty with what is and isn't known about Anora, or her father for that matter. It also simplifies the reasoning behind the vast dislike for her character.

As far as the player knows from the story, Anora was kept in captivity by her own father and Howe, thus she would have been unable to do much of anything, let alone play politics. Then there is the event in which the character is betrayed, as mentioned in the article. By itself it could be understood as to why she did it as she was protecting herself, but after going through the entire game, slaying countless creatures, and solving many problems the quest risks failure due to the fear of Anora for her own safety? Selfish is too weak of a word to use for someone who would sacrifice the fate of the world for her own. Let's remember that the Grey Wardens are the only ones who can defeat the Archdemon, which is not likely to happen from a cell, although your Warden should have been, and probably was strong enough to defeat Loghain's guards to begin with.

Anora is not completely unsympathetic, but she has a lot more in common with Lady Macbeth than Queen Elizabeth. Her husband was naive, but he would have lived had her father not betrayed him, and he would have lived (provided you didn't spare him) had he not betrayed the Wardens. Her fate is entirely dependent on the choices of others, in particular the Warden, and while it is the player's choice whether or not to place her on the throne, unless they absolutely despise Alistair or want to see a different ending how could you choose her, a woman who you barely know let alone trust, over someone who stood beside you through your entire quest?