Sony: PS3 3D Headset support “exciting”

Sony are already experimenting with PS3 support for their new virtual reality 3D headset, Sony’s Mick Hocking said at his Develop 2011 keynote on 3D today in Brighton – and FPS headtracking is just one of the exciting possibilities the device opens up.

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RedDragan2410d ago

Headtracking is cool... but no 3D if you are blind in one eye, like my niece.

We wish for holographic displays, not the glasses type two eye piece rubbish.

zootang2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I wish for a Portal device but it's not like it is going to happen any time soon. If this is the next step in the progression then I will more than welcome it!

Next up, controllers for one handed people and surround sound for people with only one good ear.

arjman2410d ago

With all due respect for your niece, she represents a minority and I would welcome a 3d headset with open arms

RedDragan2409d ago

So would I, and my niece would probably accept this as well because of the freedom involved in such a gadget.

However holographic displays have been available for a quite a few years now and it allows people with one good eye to feel a sense of depth like that in reality.

It just annoys me how companies will exploit an old technology for as long as they possibly can without pushing the boundary.

We all would love the hologrpahic display in a headset far more that two seperate eye pieces and the holographic displays do not give people with some neurological disorders the headaches they sometimes get when watching the conventional 3D technology that we have in this headset and what is used in the recent 3D revival.

@cliffbo below,

true but only to a certain extent. People blind in one eye still get a strong sense of perception. This is why people with one eye are still allowed to drive a car, their brain adapts and learns a new way to translate what they see into a representation of 3D because there is actual distances in the objects they are looking at. On screen, that is not there and hence the idea they only see 2D.

And slightly off topic, because my niece is only 5 years old she is young enough to be enrolled in a pioneering medical experiment which should be ready for trials in about 5 years. Scientists think they can grow a new optical nerve using nothing more than bone marrow from the spine (stem cells). Tests in animals show the optic nerve grew itself, meaning no intervention from a surgen... with exception to actually extracting the stem cells. Those animals were deemed to have 20/20 vision... in boths... depsite the fact when intentionally born blind in one eye usually means having poor sight in the other. It fixed everything, it even stopped the animals getting cancer in other parts of the body which also happens. They kept the animals alive and treated them well to see what was really happening in terms of medical change, the animals lived longer than their wild brethren.

The animals were rats, which live for 2 years in the wild. The test subject, despite being tested to cure blindness, lived for just over 3 years and died from natural causes (old age). They did mention though that the offspring did not inheret the long life, but the gene responsible for the blindness was completely eradicted from the gene pool.

If you have friends or family with a certain illness that gene therapy might solve, tell them to expect changes over the next 20 years. Things are going to happen that appears to be Sci-Fi even today.

cliffbo2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

3D is a no go for anyone who is blind in one eye eistein you need 2 eyes to see 3D what are you going to complain about next people color blind cant see color so no color games okease lol

ps totally blind people cannot see anything does this mean nobody wants gfx's ?

Christopher2410d ago

I am legally blind in one eye, but as long as my 2D options remain I don't care what they do with 3D.

I do have to admit that certain movies that film scenes in 3D, like PotC having a lot of sword pointing at the screen scenes, do annoy me as it likely does every single other person out there.

But, this isn't going to happen with video games, so that doesn't really matter.

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THC CELL2410d ago

i cant wait i hope sony release this , Anyone see the film Gamer, can u picture home with this device lol will be awesome

Would love to see kill zone or half life use with this device or even like a little big planet game ohh this will be big if sony release this.. people say it never worked before need to back off, this is sony turn now i cant see em failing this one

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Urrakia342410d ago

Wow, this sounds very exciting and also very ambitious. It has vast potential if it is used and incorporated correctly into video games.

plmkoh2410d ago

Head mounted displays are pretty interesting because they can give you the sensation of looking at a 100" screen.

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