Game Characters Done Right: Dragon Age 2's Aveline

Border House: Memorable characters have unique motivations, stories, and personalities. Video games often have ensemble casts with the individual party members simply serving the main character’s interests. As a healer, damage dealer, or thief they are there to compliment the gameplay style of the main character. Dragon Age 2 takes an ensemble cast and creates a detailed backstory for each party member. Instead of serving only as aides to the main character, their motivations and goals are independent of the main character. Aveline, a warrior with whom you spend the entire game, is one of these well written characters from Dragon Age 2.

One of the numerous things that I appreciate about Aveline’s character is that she looks like a real person. She does not represent an idealized sexual object. She is a freckled, red haired, strong, mature woman. She is attractive without using a thin, young model to create her character. Therefore I find it sad that when looking through PC mods for the game there are several out there whose purpose is to make Aveline more attractive. I find her beautiful as she is in the game and I am glad that Bioware created a character like Aveline. I hope that the existence of such mods does not discourage companies from creating less “perfect” character models.

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Acquiescence2437d ago

she was the only character in the game who wasn't a bisexual.

Vortex3D2437d ago

That is what made DA: O and DA2 so much more interesting than any other RPG games. While playing Dragon Age, my favorite is listen to the teammates talk and what they think of each other. It brings so much more depth and personalities to the characters which makes more like a real person. It also influence how I treat them. With character like Aveline, it's the type of character that you know you can trust because of how she treats her guards and her friendship with Hawke.

It makes it difficult to like other RPG games characters. Most have no personality. Even if they do talk, they don't really add to the character depth. Gamers who like this type of RPG usually don't care much about the drama as long the characters are powerful and have a lot of skill types.

Bolts2437d ago

Isabella's mannish, awkward, ball-crushing do-gooder description of Aveline is dead on.