Spider-Man: Edge of Time dated for October, explosive new trailer released

Activision has just announced a release date for Spider-Man: Edge of Time. This news comes shortly after the publisher revealed that Prototype 2 would be available in April next year.

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CobraKai2376d ago

I'm surprised they didn't wait to release it along side the new spiderman movie with the new misunderstood douche-bag Peter Parker. Who am I kidding? They prolly have a horrible movie game planned to be started 6 months before the movie releases.

Wintersun6162376d ago

I just might get this, even if it gets bad ratings. I liked Spiderman 3 on PS2, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who did.

Spenok2376d ago

Thats probably because your more then likely are lol.

Now if you had said you enjoyed Shattered Dimensions then i would understand. Or Ultimate Spiderman, or even Spiderman 2. But not 3.

Wintersun6162376d ago

I did enjoy Ultimate too, and haven't tried SD yet cause I've only had a PS3 for half a year and there are better games to play first that I've missed. So maybe I'll get that too.

Spenok2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Oh yea, if your that new to the ps3 lineup then yea, theres definitly better games to catch up on.

If you ever want any suggestions feel free to ask. My ps3 spans over 200+ games by itself xD

Spenok2376d ago

That looked pretty awesome. Shattered Dimensions was sweet, i have high hopes for this one.