Bodycount dev: It's 'painfully obvious' why UK devs are closing

Bodycount's Game Director Andy Wilson has suggested that the government's controversial U-turn on UK tax breaks is responsible for the recent closure of British game development studios, saying that it's "painfully obvious" why so many UK studios are closing "when you look at the level of support in North America".

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iamnsuperman2581d ago

The government is crap like that. We are in a war lets cut regular jobs. We have a good gaming industry lets not give them a tax break. They are looking for cuts in the wrong places.

DaTruth2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Absolutely true! We have a massive videogame development tax credit in Ontario, Canada! Luckily, Canada managed this recession really well, too bad that's not gonna be the case with the next one... coming soon to a global economy near you!

Edit: Now the competition is holding the world back! Every country in the world needs to be able to raise taxes without having to worry that the business community will cut and run to a country who's more competitive! That is the evil nature of the shareholder; you can support them for ever, but when you need them, they cut and run leaving you high and dry!

Now with the developing nations being positioned so well, there is no hope for the developed world and the developed world brought it on themselves, by catering to a business community run by greedy evil shareholders who live only for a buck!

theonlylolking2580d ago

Most of the time the government does not know what to do. Sometimes I think normal people(that have good education) would do a better job than leaders in the governments are doing.

Dark_Overlord2580d ago

They really don't give a shit about the country, just lining their own pockets and receiving that insane pension

zerocrossing2580d ago

Not giving the UK gaming industry a tax break was one of the dumbest things this government has done in years! And that's saying something.

JsonHenry2580d ago

Taxing the people that create and maintain jobs has always led to cuts or closure.