First details on Bodycount's multiplayer modes

Codemasters has revealed the first details on Bodycount's multiplayer modes, revealing that the game will include 12-player deathmatch modes and a 2-player wave-based co-op mode.

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Dart892586d ago

Ohhh sounds fun definitely getting this.

RyuDrinksTheDew2586d ago

i have a feeling this game is going to tank...hard.

there is no visible hype behind it.

im somewhat interested, but im definitely going to wait for some reviews.

NobleRed2586d ago

Only 12 players? I thought 16 players are standard.

Grimhammer002586d ago

I have this prepaid. I'm very excited to see a fps with no military feel as we are used to.

We'll all be knee deep in military fun come, bring on Bodycount!