Sony: 71% of gamers want 3D games

Sony have been celebrating the first year of stereoscopic 3D on the PS3 on a giant cinema screen at Develop 2011 – and believe that 3D is not only a massive part of the future of gaming, but something gamers themselves eagerly want.

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WhiteLightning2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Sorry Sony but I highly doubt that

Why would that many people want 3D games when most people don't even have 3D TV's yet.

LordStig2220d ago

proof read your message, you just answered your own question lol.

WhiteLightning2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

"Why would that many people want 3D games when most people don't even have 3D TV's yet"

So you would want more 3D games by Sony even though you may not have a 3D TV....yeah that makes sense. Not everyone has a 3D TV you know.

EDIT: I edited it...even though when I wrote it the first time I copied and pasted it from the article. Ok then.....what ever you say.

I guess your just a little mad because instead of me looking like the "fool" you did

LordStig2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

ha thought i wouldn't see that edit huh? the previous message was.

"Why would that many people want 3D when most people don't even have 3D TV's yet" well to answer your previous message the reason why people would want 3D is because they don't have it.

but hey were only human were not perfect.

bro i'm not mad i'm just having a laugh.

RedDead2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Silly argument...

Anyway, I don't have a 3d monitor, I don't care either, Sony is just speculating and acting like it's the truth. They're trying to push 3d now.

Oh White lightning is a super troll aswell..and fanboy

beavis4play2220d ago

lordstig - that makes no sense - a person doesn't necessarily want something just because they don't have it.
i don't have a 3D tv......and i don't want one. just like the PS "move". i don't have it........and i don't want it.

jetlian2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

do maybe they don't! what lordstig was saying is just because you don't have something doesn't mean you don't want it!

I don't have an exotic car but I do want one

Edit: my 3d tv coming supposedly on saturday and i'm getting me ps3 back in 2 hours. can't wait to try it out

MrSpace2220d ago

@LordStig: So people edit there comments all the time, it dosen't mean they've changed anything, he copied and pasted it from the article. Most people keep editing there comment to correct spelling or spread out paragraphs........we all do it.

Why o why2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Im enjoying the ef out of 3d games right now but stats can mislead. People may express a desire for 3d games if the question was like:

Would you like 3d games if they enhanced your gaming experience?

Yes or no?


Stats can be misleading

LordStig2220d ago

hey hey simmer down ladies there's plenty of me to go around.

Yi-Long2220d ago

... cause obviously they want to sell the hardware....

...but personally, both as consumer, a gamer, a movielover... I just really don't care about 3D. At all.

mac_sparrow2220d ago


and maybe that's the kind of people that make up the remaining 29%?

Just a thought

zootang2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I think the only people that moan about 3D are the people who have yet to see it.

killcycle2220d ago

I got a Bravia 3D TV and 3D is really amazing especially for Motorstorm Apocalypse & Ridge Racer 7.

I just hope it gets more support and more games support it in the future.

TyrionL2220d ago

@ zoo
I really don't think that's true. I've seen it and it gives me a headache. I was really excited about getting a 3D TV, and was shopping all over trying to find the right one. I tried it and it made me feel sick as hell. I was hoping that was just a onetime thing, so I tried again, and the 2nd time it wasn't as bad. Then I went to one of my buddies houses and tried to watch a movie, and I couldn't get threw 30 minutes of it. It sucks because the effect is really cool, but for whatever reason it gives me a head ache. There is one more reason I don’t like it as well, the way if f$%ks with my vision up for 30 min to an hour after I’m done. I really don’t like that. Everything is just a little fuzzy and I almost feel a dizzy sensation. See, I’ve tried it quite a few times hoping I would adjust to it, but I couldn’t and I don’t like it. I’ll say again the effect is awesome, and for the people that can enjoy it without any side effects are lucky, but you always make these comments like you speak for everyone, and you don’t. I am one case of a person that has tried it multiple times, and I don’t like it. How many other cases like me are out there? I just wanted to let you know you “think” wrong in my case, and I’m sure in a lot of other peoples case too.

evrfighter2220d ago

The 1 was added for a realistic touch

Anon19742220d ago

For me, 3D is the holy grail of videogames. No media has ever lent itself so well to a new visual format as 3D has to games and I've waited my entire life to see videogames take the leap into the 3rd dimension. I think this is as significant as when TV's went color - and at that time too there was the same arguments - too expensive, not enough content, it'll poke your eyes out, etc..etc.

Personally, I'm just not ready to ditch my 92" screen quite yet. When the 3D projectors come down in price, I'm all over this. Don't think 3D matters? Walk around with an eyepatch for a day.

ABizzel12219d ago

I think it's true. I want 3D games, and a lot of people do as well, it's just that as of now the tech and software isn't there yet.

We want glasses free 3D, with a true sense of depth in games vs. stuff flying towards you, and other innovative ways to use 3D.

3D is going to be a big part of Next gen, and the PS3 is ushering that in, it's just not ready as of now.

wlchrbandit2219d ago

I recently purchased a Samsung 3D LED tv, and I have to say, it's mind blowing. Watching a 3D Blu-ray on it is fan-bloody-tastic! People don't understand how good it looks until they sit and watch a 3D Blu-ray, it is miles better than the crappy passive 3D you get at the cinema.

3D games however... Well there's were 3D let's its self down. Saying that, it's not that the 3D tech is bad, it's the consoles, there just not powerful enough (having to render everything twice). Any game you play in 3D immediately losses a lot of it's graphical quality. Take Killzone 3 for instance, it looks phenomenal in 2D, but in 3D it looks average at best...

Saying this, I am extremely exited to see how Uncharted 3's gonna look in 3D. Hopefully they haven't had to sacrifice too much to display it in 3D.

3D is here to stay, next gen consoles will prove this.

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EYEamNUMBER12220d ago

how would you even go about knowing that?
saying 71% of gamers want 3D would be implying they surveyed all gamers and i doubt they did that

iamnsuperman2220d ago

Ask a proportation. It is how satistics works. You do not need to ask everyone as long as the result is satisitcal significant

EYEamNUMBER12220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

in other words as long as it sounds good to me right

JellyJelly2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

@iamnsuperman - That's not enough. I'd like to know more about the sample size, what demographic of gamers they asked, and what the questionnaire looked like. 71% sounds extremely skewed imo.

Sub4Dis2220d ago

84% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

EYEamNUMBER12220d ago


statistically speaking that makes sense

Fez2220d ago

It all depends where the stats were obtained, and who from. Listening to radio 1 the other morning I heard a stat about the percentage of people who think no getaway is complete without a 'holiday romance', and guess who they asked? Members of an online dating site... here is an example of skewed results.

They probably asked prospective 3D tv buyers whether they wanted 3D for gaming...

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iamnsuperman2220d ago

Considering 3D tvs are expensive i can see why not many have them but that doesn't mean they do not want 3D. I want to play in 3D especially when you here by the gaming websites that uncharted 3 is best played in 3D but i cant afford it...right now anyway. Having 3d games gives other manufacters reason to invest in 3D making it cheaper and better

Sub4Dis2220d ago

they aren't THAT expensive. They are, however, hard on the eyes, require expensive glasses for everyone in the room, and the biggest one, they are a gimmick.

games are already 3D, this extra depth on the screen doesn't impress me. i was over it 15 minutes into Avatar, and i've been content without it ever since.

CrazyForGames2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

they are more expensive than HDTV's and that's still more expensive than they should be

why pay more for a feature very few people actually use/support

ill start caring about 3DTV once my movies/channels are actually being seriously supported in 3D
until then its just an extra little feature i don't see myself running to the store to get

jetlian2220d ago

passive 3d tv last night for 648 on amazon! you can get active shutters for like 200 more

Ace_Pheonix2220d ago

Well, they're not really any more than a BD movie. I just got Tron Legacy in 3D for $30, and it's unbe-fricken'-lievable. Also, @Sub4Dis it is expensive at first, my Mitsubishi 3D kit was $250 for 2 glasses and an emitter, but I just ordered 2 more pairs of really great glasses for $50. Not that bad, if you're in to the tech. And they're not hard on your eyes if it's filmed in native 3D. Post-Process 3D (what you see in a lot of typical, gimmicky, bad films like Pirates or Alice in Wonderland) is bad and hurts your eyes. But Tron Legacy and Avatar are simply beautiful. And the games are pretty great too, Crysis 2, KZ3, COD, Wipeout are all terrific in 3D and from the looks of the trailer UC3 is going to look even better.

Sub4Dis2219d ago

they might be beautiful, but they are crap movies (just watched tron for the firs time last night). not really the best selling point.

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DJMarty2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

They might not have 3DTV at the mo, yet they most probably have some form of hardware capable of 3D, eg PS3.

Once prices drop, which they are starting to do gamers will jump on board the 3D train. You only have to look at the time frame it took for gamers to upgrade to HD form SD. Same will happen with 3D.

3D is the future, like it or not, it's happening and will become a standard feature in all TV's.

@MrSpace - Hd was in exactly the same postition, like wize was Colour when that was invented, people upgrade from Black & Whie. Just like Cassette vs CD's, CD's vs MP3's, DVD's vs Blu-ray. Any new tech need time for people to jump on board, prices need to get to a reasonable level then mass up take happens.

MrSpace2220d ago

HD was differen't though. It wasn't a gimmick it was something which made TV's better, 3D though is just a gimmick where if you don't have it, it dosen't make a difference.