Star Wars: The Old Republic Finally Available For Pre-Order

Shadowlocked - Within the last few hours, the likes of Gamestop and Amazon have publicly made Star Wars: Old Republic available for pre-order, a segment of news that is sure to please the Star Wars fans amongst us. However, we are still in the dark as to when the game is actually released; the most we know is that it's due anytime from July onwards.

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joydestroy2371d ago

$80 man? i love BioWare, but EA is killing them. what is wrong with publishers these days!?

DeadlyFire2371d ago

EA is ready to milk your wallet.

Cpt_kitten2371d ago

can't wait, so close but so far.....just like skyrim

joydestroy2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

i know right!

luke12345672368d ago

Totally agree's disgusting how these companies take the piss out of us with their pricing.

After all, without us they are nothing, so why rip us off? At $30, they would still make a mint!