Gears of War Creator Shows Interest in Wii U

WiiUBlog: "There’s so much interest in the Wii U from developers at the moment. I just hope this isn’t one of those “all talk, no action” scenarios. But, I guess the Wii U does have a lot to offer developers in that it is so similar to the other consoles they work with tech-wise. I can’t imagine they’re going to just leave money sitting on the table."

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EYEamNUMBER12498d ago

i never realized it until now but is unreal tournament and gears of war the only relevant games/series epic has under their belt?
i know they also have shadow complex but again i said relevant

NanoSoldier2498d ago

Gears and Unreal are better than most other games

EYEamNUMBER12498d ago

wow only on N4G can a bunch of retards disagree with asking a question lol

ok so if you disagree then tell me why you disagree?

Rrobba2498d ago

Interesting. I wonder if they will make something for Wii U, and if so, then what? My best guess would be a new Unreal Tournament game, because I seriously doubt Microsoft would allow Gears of War to make it's way to a Sony or Nintendo console.

charmer2498d ago

nintendo need to be careful of developers that have close ties to sony and microsoft who may be spying , stealing secrets so sony and microsoft can copy... with that said they need to welcome all developers and bring all games to wiiu.

jacen1002498d ago

was this not one of the guys that said haters will still buy the wiiU in an earlier article?

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