Miyamoto: The Wii U is ideal to “accommodate new types of games and new characters”

It’s been a while since there’s been a new franchise from Nintendo like Mario or Zelda. Shigeru Miyamoto has said though that the Wii U is “the ideal system to accommodate new types of games and new characters.”

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charmer2530d ago

coming from miyamoto there must be some new nintendo character base games coming out within the first year of the wiiu..... i cant wait to hear the actual launch lineup..since im sure nintendo is putting together a good game lineup learning form the 3ds.

BubbleSniper2530d ago

aside from the Wii's introduction of a motion control scheme, I am doubting Nintendo's ability to go forward in innovation in software. the hardware innovation has been proven many times.

all that said, I await the HD Zelda that is the dream of many, before I pass supreme judgement.

D0ffy2530d ago

Does this mean new IPs?


Don't get me wrong, I love Mario and Zelda and almost everything Nintendo makes when it comes to first party games (unless it's Wii Music, that stupid piece of crap), but something fresh is certainly welcome. Can't wait to see what's going to come, and can't wait for more info that will most likely appear at TGS.

pcz2530d ago

wii was ideal for new types of games, and what did miyamoto give us? shit like wii play and wii music.

so when he talks about new types of games for wiiu, you know he is talking about some shitty gimmicky games that will involve those pathetic mii characters.

you know that 'mii chase' game at e3 this year? its obviously games like that.

miyamoto has lost his appeal to me this gen. he needs to stop pissing around with gimmicky ideas and get back to making traditional games.

if i would have known the concept of wii would have basically boiled down to wii play and all that shit, i probably wouldn't have bought a wii. most of the best wii games rely little on motion control.

so this wiiu has a lot to prove. it will most likely turn out to not be taken advantage of in the ways we all might imagine... just like wii.

matey2530d ago

grow up that was always going to be a Legacy console that was there aim EA will tell u this its why all there budgets went into gameplay and not graphics its what sold the wii FUN gameplay this console is different they have state of the art upto date technology AMD/IBM words right there that Zelda tech off early dev kits proves nintenso are going to have no problem trumping microsoft/sony at there HD game 1080p Native 4 there 1st HD console is better than releasing too early and only being able to do 576p/640p native with gamecube x2 graphics

pcz2530d ago

if i'm immature then you are totally deluded. you are the one always talking about the wii being as powerful as a ps3 only with lower resolution.

im talking about facts and that makes me immature? but there you go again with your baseless tech specs comparisons.

and you don't even use paragraphs, commas or full stops.

so you grow up!