NPD Confirms Data Scale-Back

The NPD Group has told Next-Gen why it has chosen to scale back the amount of game sales data released to non-paying customers, but not all hope is lost for Internet stat carnivores.

"At this time last year, it was made very clear that NPD will provide media with hardware sales figures, but that it would only be temporary," explained NPD's David Riley. "As you may recall, we never provided these numbers until November '06, the first month when all three new consoles were on the market. It's been a year, so it's time to pull back."

"It's better to pull back and leave it up to our clients to release their numbers. Or, if manufacturers tell us it's okay to release their hardware sales numbers, then we'll go back to providing them, but that shouldn't be our call."

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PS3 Limps on and on4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Bigger than people think, now we're gonna be all confused about the sales. The numbers we do get are gonna be altered by the companies and the truth is gonna be lost.

Personally I feel ripped off because I wanted to see Novemeber and December sales. I wanted to see if the PS3 was gonna put up a fight or if it was gonna die off. Either way, I would rather know.

Now, I'll never get the bad taste out of my mouth of the September figures. I think this is a bullsh*t decision.

Xbox is the BEST4060d ago

now Sony can lie about the consoles that they sell and how will the public really know if they are lying or not. Because the PS#3 only outsold 360 1 month worldwide and that was in July with the price cut.
If anyone got anything smart to say please post facts.