Graphics Matter

X360 Magazine: "I’m no graphics whore, believe me. My all-time favourite game is Peggle and I don’t play it for the graphics. But I’ve found myself recently wanting to rush to the defence of good graphics, as more and more people take a somewhat elitist stance against them."

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Inside_out2555d ago

...honesty and integrity...something that is in very short supply. Just look at the mess that is Battlefield 3...

EA-Dice conspired to lie and cheat there way to the top and the sheeple pat them on the back for doing it.

The leaked footage clearly shows a broken game with numerous problems. Clunky animations, bizarre textures, glitchy game play, strange lighting and one color palette...NOTHING LIKE THE TRAILERS they showed before or during E3. The console version will be far worse.

Activision and their great COD teams really have been classy. What they have shown is a fair and honest representation of their game...that is why they will be the peoples champ, once again.

SuperMassiveGav2555d ago

Every game is broken with numerous problems before it's finished. That's perfectly normal.

BiggCMan2555d ago

Normal? Maybe for this generation of consoles where so many developers have gotten incredibly lazy and greedy. It's the bulk of the Call of Duty players that have just sat back and taken it. They don't care about glitches or bad graphics, and loads of other problems as long as they can play with their friends. It's us passionate gamers that have been doing it for decades that hate where the industry is going. If you think its normal for games to be released broken, you must not have been gaming long.

SuperMassiveGav2555d ago

Released broken? He was talking about Battlefield 3, which isn't released for months yet.

Gran Touring2555d ago

The leaked footage is running off a server-side client, with the purpose of testing the game's stability in an online environment. It's not an indication of BF3's final presentation, nor gameplay mechanics. Wait for the beta trial in September, or better yet, the full game in October to make conclusions about the game.

BeastlyRig2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Retard you are... Dice talk only about their own game! EA's Boos Talk about Call of Duty!

And How is Cod team great? Most of Them now go by the name of Respawn Entertainment!

Between Raven, Sledgehammer & Infinity Ward only 1/3 of the game is made by the people who made it great!
- http://www.escapistmagazine...

And also mw3 retail version can't look as good as this alpha footage not even in 640p

MasterD9192555d ago

The game is still in Alpha stage isn't it? Or at best Beta I don't see why anyone needs to break out the magnifying glass and examine each and every flaw just yet.

This is a game STILL in development at the end of the day. There is a reason why DICE wants these videos off of YouTube- because it doesn't represent what will be the finished product.