Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition is £129.99


Overnight BioWare released the details of their special collector's edition for Star Wars: The Old Republic and now GAME has released the price.

An eye-watering £129.99...

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Robearboy2530d ago

or i could buy a 360, or a used ps3, or a DS or PSP... all with games

Chaos692530d ago

Plus you probably still have to pay monthly fees for the game.

Spinal2530d ago

I usually buy collectors editions but this is a rip off. and ill stick to the regular edition with pre-order bonuses on

xSMOK3o2530d ago

I better get a light saber with it.

SuperSaiyan42530d ago

Buy for £130 then sell for over £200 :-P

sonicsidewinder2530d ago

No chance in hell.

No free membership from then onward?

tigertron2530d ago

It had better come packaged with a lightsaber or Natalie Portman then.

Perjoss2530d ago

you can keep the lightsaber, but i'll take NP any day of the m***********g week!

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