Crysis 2 designers working on mystery Alien game

OXM UK: "Creative Assembly is well into the swing of a hiring spree for its mysterious, untitled Aliens project, expanding to another floor of its Horsham, UK office. Intriguingly, new staff working at the studio include former Crytek employees who worked on the Crysis series."

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dirigiblebill2552d ago

Makes sense. The dude from Crysis is basically the Predator without the dreads.

Quagmire2552d ago

Nice, although since Gearbox is already making an Aliens FPS, why dont Crytek make a Terminator FPS?

Venjense2552d ago

Great another buggy mess with game ruining issues that Crytek will acknowledge but never fix.

Crytek is the worst developer for post launch support, I won't support them with my dollars.

dirigiblebill2552d ago

It's a Creative Assembly game, you numpty. Try reading before you post.

Venjense2551d ago

What is a developer if not the aggregation of its employees. Crysis 2 was bonked, the people that made it are to blame.

dirigiblebill2551d ago

So by your logic, everybody at Creative Assembly's Aliens team is sh*t because they hired a few guys who used to work at a developer you dislike.

Two thumbs.

BitbyDeath2551d ago

A non-FPS would be good.